Paranormal Activity in the Wild [VIDEOS]

The vast wilderness is the backdrop for many scary movies. The Blair Witch Project, anyone?

Or how about Camp Crystal Lake from Friday the 13th? You know, the movie that made kids dread summer camp even more.

Yes, there’s just something about that middle-of-nowhere feeling that gives people the willies. Is it the fact that it can get no-streetlights-for-miles dark with wild animals scampering about? Or is it the simple knowledge that a cry for help might not receive a single response?

Whatever the case, we’ve gathered a few videos that will surely raise hairs on the back of anyone’s neck.


There’s something lurking outside your tent. And it’s not Smokey the Bear or the guy from Brokeback Mountain. In that case, your best defense mechanism is your video camera, right?┬áThe following video not only has riveting trail cam footage but bone-chilling red-letter narration and an even more chilling soundtrack.

And this eerie video appears to have several spirits dancing in the darkness. Definitely turn the sound up for some backwoods commentary.


While this seems to be the only “demon” in the woods on YouTube, it’s fairly easy to doubt the authenticity of the video below. On that note, the ugly creature cowering about is certainly something to avoid on future camping trips.


No one has proven his existence. However, there are questionable videos galore documenting Sasquatch doin’ his thing. According to the person who uploaded this video, the cross in the background is between 7 or 8 feet tall. That means the beast who bounds by it is clearly large and in charge.

This next video most definitely has a fake, yet frightening appeal. Who places a trail cam at that angle in a tree?

And then there’s that creature lurking in the bushes. Usually it’s just some creepy homeless person, but this one appears a little bit more hairier than the average vagrant.


Unidentified flying objects have been spotted across the world, so, of course they’ve made their way onto trail cams. The next video might be one of those unknown objects, or as the uploader suggests, a mere spider web.

And how many Fire-in-the-Skys usually turn out to be meteorites?

Have you ever had an other-worldly encounter in person or on a trail cam? We’d love to gather ’round the campfire and hear your stories.

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