Photo of the Day: Vintage Vasque

It’s funny to think of the 1990s as a vintage era.

But now, two decades later, we look back wistfully at the age before the Internet truly became ubiquitous. People still used typewriters and rotary dial phones. They also still laced up hiking boots.

Fortunately hiking boots haven’t changed too much. Sure, technology has allowed hiking boots to become lighter in weight and more water resistant. However, the basic outline and idea behind footwear built to guide your feet safely along rugged terrain has not shifted.

The photo above is of a pair of Vasque hiking boots from the 1990s we came across on Etsy. The owner of these well broken-in boots notes that the leather has been re-oiled and the Vibram soles can be replaced when its time.

In 1990, Vasque launched its Clarion style, which is still the lightest weight of any boot in Vasque’s backpacking line. While the style of the above boot is not labeled, we believe it to be a Montana.

For ladies seeking vintage Vasque, a pair of interesting, Reebok-esque hiking boots have appeared on eBay. They are slightly reminiscent to Merrell’s Lazer kicks that go quite nicely with “The Rachel” haircut.

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  1. I just found your blog and I love it. The Vasque boots are either the Montana’s as you speculate or the Hiker II’s. At a quick glance they look the same. The Montana was a bit heavier and had a Norweigen welt whereas the Hiker II’s had a Goodyear welt. Keep up the great blog, and please, more vintage photos.

    Best regards,

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