Pimp My Gun Update

Remember the web application Pimp My Gun? Well if you don’t, it’s a flash-based application that allows you to virtually sculpt the gun of your dreams.

We wrote about it last November, and we’re mentioning it again today because it just underwent a major update. This weekend creator Dr. Noob alerted us that he has successfully installed Pimp My Gun 0.7.

With an option to play either the new or old version, the site’s latest app features an a complete overhaul of the Pimp My Gun software though there aren’t many guns available yet, according to Dr. Noob. “Over time I will add the old content along with much more new stuff,” he posted on the site’s changelong.

Update: Dr. Noob tells us that the new version contains better editing options such as grouping, multi-selection and custom colors. As for the graphics…

“That’s kinda of Skipper’s ‘fault,'” he writes. “He sent me his guns, and they looked really good compare to the crap PMG had at that time. Kudos to him for pushing me to make something better.”

Check out a video that demonstrates the updated version. Now it’s time to go pimp your own virtual gun!

And here’s a video of some custom guns created with the web application.

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