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Virtually Glam Up Your Gun

News  November 20 2009
 — By Jeanette Kozlowski
Virtually Glam Up Your Gun

"Pimp My Guns"

You’ve seen what they’ve done to hoopties on MTV. Now you can do it yourself virtually with a new online application called “Pimp My Gun.”

While you won’t be able to paint hot orange and yellow flames or add anything too wild (like on Pimp My Ride when a surfer dude got a clothes dryer installed in his Volkswagen Bus), you can still play with a handful of accessories.

The flash application, which is still under construction, allows gun enthusiasts to create weapon systems from scratch or make additions to guns that already exist.

From pistols to sniper rifles to machine guns, the selection of guns is as wide as the accessories you can explore. The app offers flip-up sights, scopes, tactical grips, rail systems, bipods, flash hiders, silencers, stocks, magazines and more. And if you’re wondering, about 10% of the guns are designed by 17-year-old Skipper Lee Yin Pin, the rest by the site’s owner Dr. Noob.

Not seeing your favorite weapon? The application’s creator encourages those with specific requests to just send him an email.

And without further ado, let the gun pimping begin…

(Via Gear Scout)

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  1. i love guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. just go to pimp my gun .com and click play old version under PIMP MY GUN

  3. can i pimp my gun please

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