20 Awesome Pink Guns & Accessories

Pink guns are nothing new. These pistols painted in girlish hues have been auctioned for breast cancer awareness and criticized as a silly marketing gimmick for years. However, with women like Debbie Ferns proving female-only shooting camps, it’s likely we’ll see even more for-her, rose-colored accessories in 2010.

And while not all females require a pink gun and/or accessories, it’s nice to have some options. Here are 20.

1. Hello Kitty Sig Sauer P226 – According to the maker’s website, customization of this product was halted in May 2008 due to complaints from Sanrio, owners of the Hello Kitty brand. Not including the cost of the gun, this particular custom job was $2,100 with Swarovski Crystal on the grips.


2. Sparkly Grips – Featured on Jim’s Gun Supply as a DuraCoat item, it costs $50 to $85 to color and finish any type of gun accessories like scopes and magazines.


3. Ear Muffs – Touted as light weight and comfortable, this ear protection gear has 28 decibels of noise reduction for $34.99.

4. The Lady Di 460 S&W Magnum – Because of her peaceful nature, something tells us that Princess Diana would not be too happy about this 460 S&W Magnum ($657.95). “The most beautiful woman in the world on the most powerful handgun in the world. How can you go wrong?” asks its creator GlamGuns.com.


5. Hello Kitty Machine Gun – The video speaks for itself. Of course, this discovery was made at the Anime Expo.

6. Trigger Lock – Keep your gun safe in style with a pastel pink combination trigger lock at $18.99.

7. Pink Camo Smith & Wesson – Another product of DuraCoat, it cost $135 for the pink camo touch.


8. Hello Kitty AR-15 – This big gun made CNN a while back, especially since it was at first rumored to be a Photoshop job. As you can see from the photo below, this one-of-a-kind firearm was custom made by Armory Airbrush.


9. Anti-Impact Glasses – Keep your eyes protected and your mind at ease by looking through rose-colored glasses ($19.99) at the shooting range.

10. Rainbow Brite Ammo Loader Kit – Another wonder from GlamGuns.com, this kit ($243.95) contains streamers, glitter and confetti that can be added to a gun chamber, shooting out “a trail of sparkling love with every shot.”


11. Breast Cancer Awareness Benelli Shotgun – Yet another DuraCoat creation. This type of customization would cost somewhere around $125 to $225.


12. Camo Gun Case – This lockable nylon gun case ($19) fits .22 Cricket and Chipmunk rifles with or without scopes.



13. Haydel’s Game Calls – Get a duck’s attention quick with this acrylic mallard call ($16.24) with a soft pink finish.

14. Beretta U22 Neos DLX Pistol – This ultra-sleek gun ($269.99) features hot pink grip inserts that gives it some added style.

15. Pistol Case – This Pepto-Bismol-colored case ($22.99) is pretty self-explanatory. Its exterior boasts reinforced composite; its interior contains egg-crate foam padding.

16. Crimson Trace Lasergrip – Ergonomically designed, this lasergrip is part of the Smith & Wesson Defender Series. And, yes, batteries are required.

17. Hello Kitty AK-47 – The price? $1,072.95. Some might argue that’s a small amount to pay for this über-customized weapon with a hand-crocheted shoulder-stock muffler and anodized titanium plating. But the bad news is, they’ve only made 500.


18. BB Gun – Its website declares that this Crosman 760 pellet gun ($42.99) is “sure to become a collectible!” However, we feel that the limited-edition Lady Di gun probably will obtain that status much sooner.

19. Rifle Sling – If you’re already carrying a pink rifle, why not add a pink rifle sling (17.99) with a hint on camo (or is that bronze?) to the mix.

20. Binoculars – Spot your target, yet keep yourself somewhat concealed with Green Ring Yosemite Binoculars ($99.21).

43 Comments on “20 Awesome Pink Guns & Accessories

  1. Appreciate you sharing, great blog post.Thanks Again. Really Cool. gcdffeecaeda

  2. rd My wife has recently gotten her fid card I’m looking to buy her a oink gun gun for her birthday where do I get her a pink camo or hellojitty

  3. I have this on going argument with my husband. He says that guns shouldn’t be pink. Why the heck not?
    Who says they should only be black?
    Would you in your right mind laugh at my hot pink, sparkly, beautiful one of a kind killing machine if it is pointed in your face? If I’m going to carry anything and trust it with my life, I’m going to love it. I’m going to spend weeks and months making sure it is exactly in perfect working order, and as deadly and precise as it can possibly be. I will want to keep it with me all the time and I won’t want to let it out of my sight. It will be unique, and beautiful and lethal. It doesn’t matter what color a gun is. It is a weapon. A killing machine. It does not take away from it’s lethalness just because of the color, or because it has a cute little cat picture on it. I don’t have anything against hello kitty, or anyone who chooses to put hello kitty on their fire arm. It’s not my style, but neither is wearing spandex. To each their own. While I don’t think the controversy of pink guns is anywhere near as bad as it used to be, I still see the comments about laughing if one is ever pointed in their face, or not taking them seriously, and I get a little mad. Some of the most dangerous creatures in nature are the most beautiful. Some of the most none lethal and gentle creatures on earth are the scariest and meanest looking things I have ever seen. Why my husband doesn’t take me seriously just because I want my gun to be pink I don’t understand.
    You think your plain black gun scares me more than a hot pink one? You would be mistaken. I would be more afraid of any person carrying a personalized pink, hot pink, purple, blue, sparkly or hello kitty fire arm. You know why? Cause we love our guns. And we take that time to search out and get exactly what we want. We sure as heck are taking the time to love it and use it. Which means we most likely are lethal shots.
    I’m having trouble finding pink guns right now though. I think its crap that just because I want something other than plain black that I have to pay soooo much more to have it customized. What’s up with that? Why am I being penalized for not wanting the norm? I don’t want some tiny little pea shooter..I want a full bodied, power packed, pink power house of a pistol. Is that too much to ask? And I don’t want to have to spend hundreds of dollars more just because I want it pink! What the heck?!

  4. Do you know where the pink baretta neos is sold…. we have been looking, but it seems very hard to find. Thank you.

  5. all really nice guns, but i prefer my gun to be less conspicous, brown ,black, blued, and nickel finnish fine with me.

  6. Please contact me I would love to purchase two items from u but I do not see hoe. One is a pink gun case and a pink gun sling it is for my wife she just bought her first 25-06. I am so proud of her and she wants pink case and sling. Please get back to me as soon as possible thank u very much DONALD W. SNODGRASS.

    Phone is 407-484-0433 once again thank u and I look f or ward to hearing from u guys.

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  8. I LOVE THOSE GUNS. ALL OF THEM!!!!! My husband just bought me a AR 15 .223 and I can’t wait to “Pink it out!” But I have to agree with one of the earlier post, that I really am not personally fond of the baby pink. I am looking for something more on the hot pink side. For the most part for this that oppose Pink guns all I have to say is my pink gun is just as accurate and deadly as your “black” one, and maybe more so.

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  11. nothing says “I’m fighting breast cancer” better than a mauve AR-15!!!!!

  12. Hi Sharyn,
    I’m going to keep looking for you, but the blingy-est I could find were backstraps. While not a full grip, it does add a big of sparkle to your gun. They are really cool looking though! Check them out here http://www.brilliantbackstraps.com/.

  13. I am. Looking for a grip for a colt 1905 25 automatic with allot of bling! I would love swaworski crystals.can you help me?

  14. I woulds love to share pictures of my wives 40th B-Day gift, a custom Bulgarian AK-47.

  15. THATS THE MOST PRITTYEST GUN I’VE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hey , u are so right, girls can be girls & tough @ the same time! Speaking of tough, my mother wants me to be a bit more tough , so for Valentine’s day , she got me a pink 380 Taurus handgun w /clip.

  17. Just bought a ruger 38 special lcr with pink grips for my wife to carry concealed. My daughters 7 and 10 both have pink BB guns. my 10 year old also has a pink cricket just like the one above. Any body want to laugh at them? I must caution you. My wife is a third degree black belt. my 10 year old a second degree. my 7 year old a jr. black belt. my wife and 10 year old are both world champions in Tae kwon do. You see girls CAN be girls and tough too.

  18. I Just Fell Deeply In LOVE With Every Single Last One Of These Badd Baby’s. There Beautiful, I Just Got To Have Them :))))

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  22. I am looking for a pink 243. Can anyone tell me where to find one at. Please and thanks for your time.

  23. @ Ruby for real i hate baby pink!
    I want someone to laugh when I pull out my hello kitty AR gives me an advantage. Laugh all you want you’ll be dead quicker.

    Adrienne – guns don’t need to look dangerous we as a society need to teach kids about guns so there won’t be so called accidents. I don’t let my kids point guns at anything they aren’t willing to kill or destroy. Simple firearm safety people!

  24. 7. Pink Camo Smith & Wesson – Another product of DuraCoat, it cost $135 for the pink camo touch.

    How do I go about finding out the information about this gun??


  25. i really like the beretta thats what my mother wants me to get her for xmas should i do it

  26. I think those Hello Kitty guns are pretty stupid. God forbid a little kid gets that in his/her hands. Guns need to look dangerous for a reason.


  28. You know the stuff from glamguns.com isn’t real, right? It’s a parody site mocking the recent trend towards pink guns and accessories. Hilarious, but not actually available for purchase.

    What I’d like to see is more earmuffs in pink, but not that stupid baby pink that’s popping up everywhere. I want a nice, hot pink or magenta for my range gear.

  29. I love this post. I am female and a brand new gun owner. While I think it is fantastic to see more accessories marketed to females, I really wish pink wasn’t the only option. Yes many ladies love pink – but we also love purple, green, blue …. ah you get the point!

    And its not just the color – I’ve had problems with the size and fit of certain accessories. For example, I’ve had hard time finding shooting gloves that will fit or a holster option I’m comfortable wearing.

    The more lady friendly the accesories get, the more ladies who will be coming to the gun range – which I think is a totally awesome thing!

  30. @Dan

    I’ve often thought about putting flowers on my AR-15. 🙂 One of these days…

  31. Yea Pink guns hurt just the same! maybe even more 😛

  32. I recently got a Boyd’s Thumbhole stock for my wife’s Marlin model 60 rifle…and stained it pink. She loves it 😀

    Boyd’s preiodically comes out with Marlin Model 60/795 stocks, but they are infrequent…so one must email them to get on the list for a Natural Laminate stock, they then email you when the next run of that flavor comes out.

    Here’s a link if you want to see it 😉


  33. no one would be laughing who in the hell would want to explain to the cops, doc, and parents and etc, that they got shot by a pink gun with hello kitty….

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  35. This has got to be one of the funniest posts I have seen in awhile! How could someone be scared having a Pink AK-47 pointed in their face that also has HELLO KITTY on the Butt Stock? I think I would be laughing to hard to worry about my upcoming demise.

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