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Poll: What’s Your Favorite Boot Brand?

News  July 29 2010
 — By Jeanette Kozlowski
Poll: What’s Your Favorite Boot Brand?

For some, the choice is difficult. For others, it’s not. But the task at hand? It’s more than simple.

We want to know all about your favorite brand of military boots.

You’ve got to have at least one. There has to be something about the certain way those boots hug your feet. Or maybe it’s the extra ankle and sole support. And then there’s the ability to take on ultra-rugged terrain when other boots fail.

So, what boots brand has served you best? Why did you buy that certain boot? What made you pick one over another? We’re curious to find out.

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(1) Reader Comment

  1. Danner boots because you can send them in to get it fixed.

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