Protech Tactical Adds to IMPAC Plates Line

Safariland has expanded its Protech IMPAC line of special threat plates.

These plates can be inserted in the front or back of body armor to prevent bullet penetration. Specifically created to protect against ballistic or stab attacks, the plates are easily concealable and create little bulk.

When dealing with dangerous threats on the field, the plates give you the extra protection you need in the areas you need it. It’s offered in four sizes: standard (5” x 8”), shorter torso lengths (5” x 7”), expanded torso protection (7” x 9”) and shooter’s cut designed for greater mobility (10” x 12”).

Protech’s line of IMPAC plates includes:

  • Protech IMPAC-HT (Handgun Threat) – Protection against high velocity handgun threats
  • Protech IMPAC-CT (Corrections Threat) – Protection against spike and P1/S1 edged blade weapons
  • Protech IMPAC-MT (Multi-Threat) – Protection against high velocity handgun threats, spike, and P1/S1 edged blade weapons. A combination of the IMPAC-HT and IMPAC-CT, the IMPAC-MT offers protection against additional threats
  • Protech IMPAC-RT (Rifle Threat) – Rifle protection against 7.62 mm x 51 mm 147-grain FMJ and 7.62 mm x 39 mm 123-grain MSC

The video below shows the IMPAC ST line of ballistic protection where the demonstrator fires 15 rounds at the plate with zero penetration. He employs a number of weapons, but the plate proves impenetrable.

2 Comments on “Protech Tactical Adds to IMPAC Plates Line

  1. can any body give me details on the Impac-rf plate such as weight, thickness
    is this plate different from their 2113 PE plate?

    Michel B

  2. Protech’s website says quote:

    “Additional protection without added weight”

    So they don’t weigh anything?

    They also don’t list if it is NIJ certified

    Not so sure about this

    ~James G

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