Review: Hi-Tec Big-Fit System for Kids

Most parents are operating on a budget. So when it comes to buying footwear for the kiddos? It’s important to stretch that dollar as far as it can go—especially when the average life of a kids’ shoe lasts five to six months.

That’s where Hi-Tec steps in to save the day.

It has developed a technique called Big-Fit System that adapts to kids’ feet as they grow. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? It works by gradually removing the volume from the shoe, which allows for more space when you need it. This extra space will increase the life of the boot by about three months.

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Resident hiker Danni Sheldon took her son out to put Big-Fit and Hi-Tec’s TT Mid WP Jr. boots to the test. He found the boots to be true to size and to have superior traction. He trekked through rocks, hills and even through streams. He found that the boots, which feature a waterproof suede and mesh upper, stayed dry until his foot was completely submerged in water.

While he doesn’t need to take out the inserts just yet, he reported that without the extra padding, the boot was still very comfortable and easy to wear. Actually the only complaint was that the shoe laces were too long. In fact, Danni had to triple-knot the laces and said it wasn’t fun (or easy) to untie all that.

Overall, Danni and her son gave the Big-Fit System two thumbs up and are excited about the extended life of his first pair of Hi-Tecs.

Have your kids tested out Big-Fit System? If so, what did they think?































2 Comments on “Review: Hi-Tec Big-Fit System for Kids

  1. it looks like those boots will be perfect for my kid.
    ive been hiking on and off for years and my son want to start going with me. but im not convinced its safe for him
    i found some useful information here on hiking boots for kids.
    i love how these shoes promise to almost grow in size at the same rate as the wearer.
    but is the sole strong enough?
    in that site i just mentioned. it said a thick sole is important to protect my kids feet when hiking rough terrain.

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