Review: Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity HPi

Hi-Tec V-Lite HPi Infinity

Shoes would rank high on my addictions list, falling somewhere between chocolate milkshakes and Facebook. Although my closet brimming with boots and heels, I seemed to have drifted far, far away from the athletic shoe scene. Until just recently, I relied on an old, beat up pair of Nike something-or-others for gym purposes and a black pair of Under Armour shoes for catering gigs.

Then the Hi-Tec V-Lite HPi Infinity came along and shook my four-inch-heel-driven world. It’s almost weightless — that’s the first thing I noticed about the trail running shoe. Picking them up, I scoffed. Really, these were going to be comfortable? My coffee mug is heavier than both shoes. However, they were astoundingly cool looking, so I decided to ignore my initial judgment.

Later that night, I laced up the new kicks. Hello love! The support alone makes this shoe a worthwhile buy. I have a higher arch, so it’s hard to find a shoe that relieves that mid-foot ache. Yes, this gal’s best friend may just be the 3D Counterbalance midsole. Laymen’s terms — the 3D cushioned midsole distributes pressure evenly so it’s not all bottled up at one point. The EVA insole didn’t hurt either.

Throughout the winter-to-spring Missouri weather, I have worn the HPi Infinity quite a bit. When I was forced to trek across snowy streets, the shoes did get a tad wet, but very little moisture made its way to my foot. I can’t recall a time where I had wet, frozen feet while wearing the shoe. On the flipside, I don’t remember having a sweaty foot during the few warm days. I’m going to chalk that up to the ion-mask waterproofing and the breathable membrane.

Again, I’ve worn these shoes for hours upon hours. I haven’t had sore or tired feet during any of my weekend expeditions of window shopping or strolling through Forest Park. Grass, linoleum, asphalt, or concrete — the Vibram outsole grabs a hold of whatever surface lays ahead.

Aside from the occasional special night out, it would seem that my boots and heels will be left gathering dust in the dark recesses of my closet.

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  1. i agree, i saw these in the green model, liked them so much i took a pair, the salesman said “sir, you should try a pair on,” i did just to satisfy him coz i knew i was buying them anyway…good review

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