Review: Magnum Sidewinder HPi

[Magnum’s Sidewinder HPi]

You can definitely tell the Magnum Sidewinder HPi was created with rugged terrain in mind. The protection and support are immediately apparent, and you can feel the difference just walking down the street.

Being built for tougher terrain, these Magnum boots can seem a little stiff at first. However, they don’t feel as rigid as most boots do right out of the box. Standing in them is very comfortable. I feel like I could be on my feet all day without feeling it the following morning.

And as heavy duty as they seem, I was surprised at how breathable they are. Considering how rugged they feel and being waterproof, I figured they would be hot and humid. They seem to occupy a solid middle ground, where they are light and flexible enough to wear in milder conditions but remain rugged enough for tough terrain.

A feature that I noticed during my first wear was that the eyelets lock the laces into place. This seemed like it might be a bit of pain at first. I thought they’d be tough to get on and off. But after wearing them for a while, I started to appreciate this feature. After you wear them a few times, you can gauge how tight you want the laces; then you just adjust them and forget about it.  Once you have it set, you can loosen just the top few eyelets when taking them on and off. It really does save you a little bit of a hassle each time if you are in and out of them every day.

All of the additional features of this boot are great: The ion-mask and waterproofing work better than advertised. In my experience, these boots will pretty much stand up to anything. I’ve worn them for about a month, and so far I’ve been impressed with how they’ve performed.

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