Review: Magnum’s New RD Shirt

Magnum RD Long Sleeve Shirt

I just received the Magnum RD Long Sleeve Shirt last week. My shirt size varies between L and XL depending on the manufacturer. After trying it on, I felt like I had to keep the sleeves rolled up to wear it. The sleeves on the large are a little short and the mid-section is a little baggy.

It feels more like an un-fitted shirt rather than being too large in the mid-section. I’m just glad I can wear the large. I was also given the chance to try on the XL, which made me feel like I was swimming in it. The sleeves on the XL were perfect, but there was no tucking away that extra fabric on the sides of the shirt. Other than the sleeves being a little short I love the shirt. It’s very comfortable, fairly lightweight and has some pretty cool features.

It’s made of a lightweight cotton ripstop material. A ventilation flap on the shoulders is located on the front and back and uses hook and loop to fasten the flap down in front. You can actually stick your hand through the front and go out the back. Inside the flap is a mesh fabric. This is a great venting system that keeps you cool even though you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt.

The same mesh fabric is placed in the underarms and in the left breast pocket. There isn’t as big of a “noticeable” flap under the arm, but rather a patch-like square sewn over the mesh that allows for your underarms to breathe and not get as sweaty as they might normally get. The pocket is sealed by a zipper.  If you open the zipper and don’t really want to show off your chest, you should probably wear an undershirt.  You can see right through the mesh in the pocket.

Another feature I like is the strap that comes up from the inside of the shirt to fasten your rolled sleeve. Having been in the military, I’m used to having to roll my sleeves up. With this strap that snaps onto the outside of the shirt, it helps keep the sleeves from coming loose which, in return, could lead to taking the shirt off in order to re-fold the sleeves again. I’m a former Marine, so uniform perfection is a must for me. Others may not be as particular with how sleeves are rolled though.

I would recommend this shirt to anyone who wants to stay cool while looking professional. If you need a shirt that you have to wear with the sleeves down, I would order a size up from the norm. Otherwise, order your normal size and roll the sleeves up. You’ll be swimming in the shirt with the correct sleeve length, but maybe you can get it tailored. This is one of the most comfortable cotton ripstop collared shirts that I’ve worn.

The Magnum RD Shirt will be available for purchase on in June.

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