Review: V-Lite Total Terrain Lace

Hi-Tec's latest multisport shoe

After several weeks of testing, I’ve determined that Hi-Tec’s V-Lite Total Terrain Lace is the lightest shoe I have ever owned. Well, besides ballet flats! That probably has a lot to do with its V-Lite technology. If you’ve never heard of V-Lite, it’s Hi-Tec‘s patented technology that attempts to take out as much weight as possible without compromising the quality of the shoe. Pretty awesome, right?

I love the colors, and the shoe is very comfortable. I was able to wear them with no break in period at all, which is very nice. I wore them for three weeks straight and had no discomfort or blisters at all. And they seem fairly true to size and length.

Hi-Tec calls the shoe the master of all terrain, and they’re totally right. I wore it all over the town and trail. I tested the shoe’s traction by going for a walk near a creek. Compared to other trail shoes, I had an easier time navigating in this shoe. I jumped from logs and over wet rocks and didn’t slip once.

I will say that the shoe is fairly wide. I remember thinking wow, this must be quite the shoe because it was so wide. I did have to tie the laces very tightly for it to feel like it was the correct width. It was actually the first time I had an issue with shoe width, so keep this in mind if you’re looking to buy a pair. For full disclosure, I could have probably gone a half-size down, and the shoe might have had a snugger fit.

The shoe laces proved to be another issue. They came untied two or three times a day. And I’m positive it had nothing to do with my shoe-tying technique.  I would suggest tying them in double knots though. They will stay tied, and why not? Maybe you’ll feel like a kid again.

Even though they are a little pricey at $100 MSRP, I feel like they would definitely hold up for a few seasons and, in the end, be worth the cost. All in all, they are a great shoe—especially if you have wider feet.

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  1. Wide sounds perfect for my wife. She always struggles to find shoes to fit her feet.

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