Revised Women’s Woolrich Elite Tactical Pants

What’s new for women’s concealed carry wear in 2012? For Woolrich Elite Series Tactical, it’s a tactical pant for women that promises a more flattering fit and all the features you could need.’s Nora Holloway tracked down the brand’s apparel director Brian Miller to get a sneak peek at the revisions to the original women’s Elite Lightweight Tactical Pant.

Woolrich met the request of female officers and concealed carry permit holders by lowering the rise on their existing women’s pant an inch and a half, as well as blending the polyester with a stretchable fabric. That means no more weapons sitting uncomfortably high on your waist, so you can move easily in a more flattering pair of pants.

These pants take a note from the company’s best-selling men’s version by incorporating several of the most popular features:

  • Reinforced crotch
  • Side elastic for increased mobility and the ability to carry weapons inside the waistband
  • Extra-wide knife and cell phone pockets
  • Ability to insert knee pads from inside the leg
  • Available in Khaki, Sizes 4-18
  • Standard 32″ length

What do you think of the changes made by Woolrich?

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