Ridge Concealment Shirt Keeps You Packing

It’s all about the concealment! If the Ridge Packin’ Tee has anything to say about it, that gun will stay safe and hidden from prying eyes.

The super-low profile tee fits like a compression shirt, which means it’s supposed to be tighter. The next-to-body fit will keep your weapon secure and stop it from moving around. Wear it under a polo or button-up shirt, and no one will have a clue you’re packing.


The most versatile holster shirt on the market, its hook and loop systems lets you customize the whole setup. How you might ask? On either side of the shirt, there is a reinforced mounting pad that accommodates a holster, magazine pouch or accessory pouch. The holster and pouches attach to the mounting pad with industrial hook and loop, which means it’s beyond customizable. Whether you want a gun on each side, a gun and a magazine or a maybe just a knife—the carry options are endless!


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A lot of thought went into its development. The sleeveless shirt allows for a wider range of motion and won’t restrict you when drawing your weapon. The shoulders and arm holes are also reinforced to prevent shirt sag.

What is the preferred draw method? The shirt is designed for a cross draw, so righties should stick their holder on the left side of their body. If you’re a lefty, that holster goes on your right.

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The classic design features a crew neck, but Ridge recently added a V-neck to the mix. Available in black and white, it’s made of comfortable, breathable pre-shrunk cotton. It’s also low maintenance. Just take the holster and/or pouches off, and throw that shirt in the washing machine. Easy peasy!

Holsters and pouches are purchased, so make sure to load up on those while ordering your Packin’ Tee. And remember to only put one holster or pouch on each side. If you overload your Packin’ Tee, you will definitely blow your cover.

How do you conceal carry? 

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  1. The pakin Tee sounds pretty good, but I carry a Ruger 44mag, six and 1/2 inch barrel, single action.
    I’m presently waiting for a new shoulder holster but 2 carry type holsters would be good.
    Let me know what you think and if it’s something I can try then give a price on a full unit.
    Thank you,

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