Science of Shoes: Hi-Tec Videos Explain It All

Ok. We know. You hear the word product demo and immediately want to nap. Never fear. Hi-Tec’s latest video series promises to take a much less boring approach to explaining “the sciencey stuff in your shoes.” Coming straight from the Hook and Bullet Lounge, the resident product guru, Denny, discusses product materials, features, and benefits.

The first installment was unveiled just this morning on the Hi-Tec YouTube channel. It outlines the key features of the ion-masked, supremely waterproof Cascadia ($190). Check out the video above for the full rundown of this particular style of hiking boots.

More product reviews a la Denny are on the horizon. In fact, the Roaring River Softshell and the V-Lite Infinity will be released in the very near future. Stay tuned.

But wait a minute… there’s more! Tweet the link to this blog post and you’ll be entered to win a new pair of Cascadias from Hi-Tec. Only open to U.S. residents.

UPDATE: Congratulations to @MCJunkie who won last week’s giveaway. Enjoy your new pair of Cascadias! Be on the lookout for another giveaway this week!

5 Comments on “Science of Shoes: Hi-Tec Videos Explain It All

  1. tweeted also via @cdmtx65 … thanks for the chance to win these awesome boots !

  2. Love the boots! Tweeted as directed on my @LibraryJim Twitter account. I would love to have a pair — size 11 please!

  3. Great video about the boots. The fire in the background looks cozy!

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