SHOT Show 2010: Day Three Videos & Tweets

While there’s been plenty of firm handshakes, wide smiles and flawless product demos, The SHOT Show hasn’t been going so smoothly for some — namely 21 industry executives who were rounded up by the FBI.

According to Business Week, the feds used the show as an opportunity to pinpoint those allegedly willing to pay illegal kickbacks to an African defense minister. “This is one case where what happens in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas,” Lanny Breuer, Assistant Attorney General, was quoted as saying at a news conference about the case.

On the lighter side, Jim Braaten, an outdoors writer, blogger and photographer, was a Twitter photo rock star yesterday. He snapped pictures of the busy press room and of famed guitarist and gun rights supporter Ted Nugent. “Celebs like Ted Nugent draw booth traffic. The line for Ted’s autograph must be 150′ long. Wowsa!!,” he tweeted as @jim7226, Braaten’s Twitter handle.

Ted Nugent at SHOT Show 2010

And if you’re looking for more pictures, check out a great slideshow on The NRA Blog. Not only does the SHOT Show bring together gun industry bigwigs, but with more than 1,300 registered media, it’s also the largest gathering of the international press who cover the outdoor industry (check out the next video). Media outlets such as and the Military Times have had extensive online coverage of the show. Check out’s coverage here and Military Times coverage here.

Both Military Times and have published stories this week about the Bible reference scandal on Trijicon’s rifle scopes. Christian over at Defense Tech attempted to get an additional statement from the company at its SHOT Show booth. Unfortunately they only handed him a copy of a prepared statement and sent him on his merry way.

As for the state of the industry, NSSF president Steve Sanetti said its “the strongest” he’s seen it (Isn’t that what industry leaders always say?). Watch his address at Tuesday’s industry dinner.

And now, let’s check out what else has been taking place at the Sands Expo & Convention Center. Outdoor Channel’s Michael Bane took the logical route and did his weekly shooting podcast from show.

Ryan Smith shows The Outdoor Channel Bushmaster Firearms’ ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle), the much-hyped rifle that starred in a leaked YouTube video prior to the show.

Take a look at the laser grips Crimson Trace was showing off at its booth.

More laser talk: Michael Bane chats with Lou Riley about a new series of green laser products from Laser Genetics ND3 series, a product that’s already been labeled a “game-changing technology.”

EOTAC had some new offerings this year as well. Fernado tells us about their lizard-pattern, old-school field jacket.

Outdoor Channel’s catches up with Nick Mundt at the Bushnell booth. He talks about their Bone Collector line of optics, which features a HD flashlight “that is probably the coolest flashlight I’ve ever used.”

Gun Websites gives us a first look at a .22lr rifle, which is said to be styled after the H&K 416.

What would the SHOT Show be without a tip from a pro? Max Michel, Sig Sauer team captain, shows the proper shooting stance.

Find out what TAPCO brought to this year’s show for the AR-15 rifle system.

Discover what wonders the Browning booth holds.

Watch Mike Kroll of L3-EOTech talk about its line of new sights including SU231, M40GL, EEXP, 512 and G23 Gen II.

Reload in style with the new Dillon Precision’s BFR 50BMG Reloading Machine.

Have an interest in Hydro Weapons? Because that’s what Spencer Ladd of MGI demonstrates in this video.

The SHOT Show even featured a few guns up for auction, including the 10,000,001st Remington 870, up for grabs on

You definitely need a place to put all those firearms. Bruce Pendleton, owner of Pendleton Safe, debuts the Pendleton Valuables Management series of gun safes.

And finally, The Outdoor Channel posted this about SHE Outdoor Apparel, specially made gear for wilderness women. “The No. 1 thing that keeps those girls out of the woods is being too cold,” said Pam Zaitz of SHE Outdoor Apparel. “We took care of that last year. But it’s too warm.”

Now onto the tweets, of which there were many. Aside from the general aches and pains that come from endless booth-to-booth walking and unfortunate taxi lines, most attendees only accentuated the positive with their tweets.

@gunnuts_radio: Another day, another load of sweet goodness for gun nuts. #shotshow is jam packed with everything for the hunter and shooter!

@jim7226: Things are hopping on the #SHOTshow floor this morning. Here’s folks checking out the new SigSauer offerings f

@BrianJeromeKing: Vegas officials are reporting their PHUN meter is off the charts thanks to @PheasantPhun & @TeamHuntress! #SHOTshow

@ShooterGifts: #ShotShow – Walk it all and get in shape…we’ve been told the show is about 14-18 miles of vendors. Lots to see.

@robertstarling: Minor flooding at most intersections along Rainbow #vegas #shotshow

@thenakedgrape: Food discount tonight for our friends at #shotshow – easy too – just show us your badge. We feature great wines & live… (via @GrapeVegas)

@jim7226: Some #SHOTshow products really make me laugh. At one booth they’re selling survival strobes that would be hardly visible at 30 feet.

@ocabj: One of the better SHOT Show freebies I snagged:

@airsoftpacific: We have a Shot Show 2010 gallery up at AP. Thanks goes out to Ben Martin for sharing photos!

@natalietweets: @TXPeddler wow! I haven’t heard any of this. But the show is humongous. You can’t see the forest through the trees here!

@USPALM: Taxi lines. Fail! If you stand in line longer than it takes to walk there, you lose!

@NRAblog: SD Press conference: “South Dakota gets it. we’re not going to regulate the firearms industry out of business.” #SHOTshow

@JCShoe: I wonder how many people will be found still wondering around the endless number of exhibit rooms long after the #shotshow is over?

@JohnBeath: Rain and floods in ‘Vegas today. Raining inside my hotel room. Got some great video interviews at SHOT Show today.

@techaskew: OMG! I just met LTC James “Maggie” Magellas! We are Free Today because of great men like him! #SOT #shotshow

@nrohrbach: Whoever decided to make the #shotshow shuttle passengers @LuxorLV wait in an uncovered area should be fired. It’s 40 degrees and raining.

@babw: Latest musing: Seen at the 2010 SHOT Show: SHE Outdoor Apparel: While much of the SHOT Show is focused on many tra…

@LSwitlyk: At the golden moose awards in las Vegas shot show ….unreal!!

@haioson: Tired and bored and stuck at the airport. Everything is closed and all the Shot Show people have left – there goes my people watching.

(Image via @jim7226)

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