SHOT Show 2010: Day Two Videos & Tweets

We’re back with extended SHOT Show coverage … the kind that makes you feel like you’re actually there — blazing down the bustling show concourse doing meet and greets like a pro and dealing out your business cards like free all-you-can-eat buffet coupons. Er, or something like that.

Day two brought on a barrage of awesome twitpics uploaded to Twitter. Our favorite? Bacon-flavored lip balm (pictured below). According to ShakaTweet, the Shaka Laka lip balm is a limited edition that’s being distributed at the show. So, get bacon lips while you still can!

Shaka Laka Bacon Lip Balm

Shaka Laka's limited-edition, bacon-flavored lip balm


Our second favorite: Bonnie and the booth babes! Hey, doesn’t that sound like the name of a really good band?

Top booth babe Bonnie


There’s also tons of pictures being uploaded to the SHOT Shows Flickr photostream. Photos include pics from inside the show as well as snapshots of comedian Dennis Miller and NSSF Chairman Bob Scott from the industry dinner.

Martial arts master Steven Seagal made an appearance at the ArmorWorks booth and called the SHOT show “amazing.” “It’s probably the greatest gathering of special technology for police and military that I’ve ever seen in one place,” he said. Watch Mr. Seagal promote the aptly named “Seagal Tactical Gear” line.

Meanwhile Field & Stream, who posted this gem about booth babes last year, is broadcasting live from the show. Here’s yesterday’s footage that features new guns, gear and, um, autographed panties.

Magpul’s truck creation is also turning a lot of heads at the show. “Looks like it’s just like their gear — it’s gonna go anywhere and do anything.”

And now onto the guns… the much-hyped Smith & Wesson’s Bodyguard line.

Outdoor Channel’s Michael Bane chats up Corey Gumbert about Beretta’s new TX4 home security firearm, “a tactical shotgun with a very famous, old name on it.”

Here’s LaRue’s new OBR Lite 5.56.

Troy Industries’ latest and greatest…

Land Warrior also had some new products on display including the new M6 SPR, which we should expect to see out in the middle of 2010.

Watch Bill Wahn from First Light USA demo a pretty sweet tactical and home defense light system.

Oh, and for those who didn’t stop by the 2010 Advanced Armament SHOT Show party at the Voodoo Lounge at Rio, you missed 50 plus Maxim girls dancing like this…

And without further ado, here’s the best of SHOT Show Day Two tweets.

@JCShoe: Day two of #shotshow begins. The rain has stopped. I have fifty booths to hit. It’s going to be a busy day.

@CGPRMarblehead: Day one..of SHOT Show..done..heading into day two..lots of energy..tactical side of the business seems very healthy..

@robertstarling: Why is it that the food samples from the freeze dried exhibitors tastes as good or better than the pricey concession food? #shotshow #vegas

@jim7226: 1st floor level at SHOT is very crowded. Has to be a record turnout 4 the show. Somehow I always find myself walking behind S-L-O-W people.

@muelleroutdoors: At the SHOT Show today in Vegas with the crew from IMG. It appears to be much smaller this year. Sign of the times!

@wileyoutdoor: Don’t forget to come by Flextone booth #13305 at the #SHOTshow Be sure and ask about the new turkey calls!

@NRA_Rifleman: #SHOTshow photos, still warm! Lots of great products including the intriguing Taurus TCP. #guns #firearms

@robertstarling: Local Vegas tip: Don’t blindly drop a quarter in slots. Check the payout scale; identical slots side-by-side pay different. #shotshow #vegas

@thehunterswife: I’m following @PheasantPhun @TeamHuntress for their #SHOTshow finds like this … 😉

@PBBrady: #SHOT Show gets the best celebrities. I just met Eric Estrada.

@jn129: 4 hillbillies never had so much attention. The Duck Commanders signing autographs at #shotshow

@robertstarling: Definition of “Tweetpit”… trying to get signal out of the basement exhibit area of the Sands! Argh! #shotshow #vegas

@anwags: Day #2 of #shotshow. The dogs are barking, but have much more comfortable shoes on today to walk around.

@cheaperthandirt: Day 2 of #SHOTshow – the doors are open. Will get some pictures this time – gonna swing by the Bushmaster booth and drool over the ACR.

@TankaBar: Just ran out of business cards at the shot show

@jim7226: One thing about the SHOT Show. If you can dream it there’s probably already someone here selling it. Product options can be mind boggling.

@techaskew: Made some new friends and reconnected with old ones today at #shotshow. Our Troops are amazing and vendors provide them great tools! #SOT

@230grain: Once again Remington focuses their attention on the hunting market with another fudd gun. #SHOTshow #hunting

@OUTDChannel: – Outdoor Channel dines at Hoffbrau House in Las Vegas, NV! What a great day at SHOT! #shotshow #fb

@BullsandBeavers: Day two of the #SHOTShow Amazing energy this year & more people than I expected. Cool stuff!!!!

@getgrip: #Shotshow, day 2 and holding strong. Celebs showin up all over. Very impressive display of new prod. See all tomorrow!

@ptecdive: while I feel gross from #shotshow mayhem, I have tix to see #blueman group, so no need to shower twice

@jim7226: Coolest new gadget I saw at the #SHOTshow today wasn’t even being exhibited at the show. Must do some more research before I announce it.

@robertstarling: Local Vegas tip: Unless you like waiting DO NOT get in the Sands taxi line. Go to front of casino! Trust me! #shotshow #vegas @NRAblog

@230grain: @CASFR Some multicam from Arma out of LA. #shotshow

@KestrelChick: Cheers to our russian dealers at #shotshow ! 5’o clock!! #nra

(Images via @jonhumbert, @ShooterGifts)

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