SHOT Show 2011: Day One in Videos + Tweets

Since 1979 SHOT Show has been one of the most popular shooting, hunting and outdoor trade shows in the world.

Back for round two, we’ve compiled videos of new products revealed during day one of the show as well as Twitter updates from the lucky show-goers.

Day One Videos:

This Kel-Tec 15 Round KSG 12 gauge shotgun is one of the many new guns this year. It’s expected to be available in the third quarter of 2011 but here’s a preview from 2brothersadventures.

The brand-new Kimber Solo 9mm Micro-Compact Pistol is pocket-size and weighs only 17 ounces!

View the new products from Spartan Imports described by Sean St. Cin. You will see their Classic Army, Magpul PTS, A&K, Javelin and H&K lines.

It looks like a lighter but it’s not, it’s the new Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit.

A close look at Hogue‘s new EXFO1 knife compliments of 2brothersadventure.

This short video from NRApubs gives you a glimpse of the new SIG Sauer SIG556 R.

Phil Cashin, owner of Masterpiece Arms debuts the new MPA 9300SST-X Tactical Carbine.

A quick look at Smith & Wesson‘s new Governor Pistol via

A video from features another newbie from Kel-Tec, a Dual Tube Shotgun KSG.

From ITStactical, a brief overview of Gerber‘s new multi-tool, the Cable Dawg.

Cam Edwards chats with NRA President Ron Schmeits about “the greatest show there ever is.”

And finally, Jeff Foxworthy speaking at the annual  “State of the Industry Dinner” brought to you by The North American Hunting Club. If you don’t watch this video… you might be a redneck.

For photos from the show, check out Field & Stream’s website to see, “Zombie Dogs, Chainsaw Shotguns, and 25 More Sights from Day One of the 2011 SHOT Show” and ITStactical’s post, “SHOT Show 2011 Coverage: The Best of Day One.”

Day One Tweets:
As the twitter rock-star and fan-favorite from yesterday, we’ll start our list of tweets with the most successful tweeter, @ITStactical.

@ITStactical: Surefire released some new 60 & 100 round (5.56) mags, crazy! #SHOTshow ^MP

@airsoftgeek: Shot Show 2011: Breaking – KWA introduces Gas Blowback AK74 #airsoft #shotshow

@hotcaliber: At SUREFIRE, busiest booth at #SHOTshow..waiting n line to try out flashlights, IMPRESSIVE.

@JonRTaylor: #shotshow sigsauer P290 – DO WANT #guns

@crosmancorp: Jim Shockey is here and can’t wait to get the Rogue on a hunt! #shotshow

@jim7226: WOW! Can’t remember ever seeing the #SHOTshow this busy. The rooms are full of energy on this opening day…the masses seem very positive.

@ITStactical: Check out this new Safariland holster wrapped in Multicam! #SHOTshow ^MP

@Blackinton: #SHOTShow 2011 is very busy this year, perhaps even more than usual! At booth 20560 we’re excited to meet people & see old friends too!

@cweinman: Walking #shotshow – Great new products, lots of energy, tons of people. Looks likes the turnout this year is high.

@NSSFSHOTShow: The new, improved and spacious #SHOTShow Press Room

@jea_nine: Just met Wiley Clapp @NRA_Rifleman. Greatness is all around me. @NSSFSHOTShow #SHOTshow

@GirlsGuide2Guns: Just had up a great lunch meeting with @GunUp. Looking forward to exciting things w/ them. Checking out #SHOTShow floor next. Pics to come!

@jim7226: Jessie Abbate signing autographs at the Leupold booth. #SHOTshow

@jim7226: Hearing lots of business deals going down at #SHOTshow. The show represents selling on so many different dimensions beyond the obvious.

@ITStactical: Self heating hot water system! Similar to MRE heaters, very cool. #SHOTshow ^MP

@vshunting: Boggear introduces the PSR! #shotshow

@ITStactical: Barrett with some awesome firearms as usual! #SHOTshow ^MP

@jim7226: How cool is that…Victorinox is letting #SHOTshow attendees build their own Swiss Army Knifes. Great demonstration about knife building.

@OutfitterShack: Go juice count for the day looking for the deals on hunting and outdoor gear: 2 redbulls, 2 five-hours, 1 cup of joe and 2 dr. Pep #shotshow

@OutfitterShack: Day one in the books for me! Be back in the morning! #shotshow

@russperry: Any one open to invite two ad agency guys to their awesome open bar party at #shotshow ?

@MagnumBootsUSA: …Well that was fast! 11 minutes in and we’re already all out of beer! #thirstyatSHOTShow #SHOTShow

@EyesNeverClosed: wishing I was at the #SHOTshow

@BullsandBeavers: Opening Day: #SHOTShow 2011

@JFDefenseTrain: Is SHOT Show a giant Mall Ninja convention or is it just the videos i’ve seen? #SHOTshow

@NSSFSHOTshow: Video: What the press had to say about Media Day at the Range #SHOTShow

@mygunculture: Womens gear is a big deal at #SHOTshow this year. Awesome!

@motherroadguns: Wrapping up a long day at #shotshow . Found excellent new gear to use in classes and competition. See you at the range!

@JCShoe: There’s diversity at the #SHOTShow. See a cowboy juggle two Colt pistols, and in the next booth catch a cop draw & reload in 1.3 seconds.

@ladysportsman: The first #shotshow band-aid is on

@gravelagencyatl: First day at the 2011 #shotshow was a big success

@Tykreis: I’d do anything to go to #shotshow 🙁

@theoutdoors: Met a lot of great people today at #SHOTShow. Looking forward to tomorrow.

That’s all for now, we’ll return tomorrow with coverage from Day Two.

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