SHOT Show 2012: Safariland Rolls Out New Patrol Bike

At SHOT Show 2012, the Safariland/Kona Patrol Bike was unveiled. Partnering with Kona, a company with over 24 years of experience in mountain bikes, Safariland has created an innovative bike for officers. Experienced cyclists, like Police Sgt. Troy Gielish, provided helpful input during the design process to ensure it was user-friendly.

Designed specifically for on-duty use, the patrol bike can take on any terrain. Both lightweight and tough as nails, it has a Shimano 30-speed drive train, which especially comes in handy when police officers are pursuing suspects. When it’s time to slow down, the hydraulic disc brakes provide superior stopping power.

The patrol bike is available with 29-inch wheels that add stability and allow for officers to roll over obstacles like stairs. For long flights of stairs, the featherweight bike can effortlessly be shouldered and carried down the stairs.

There is not a hanging cable in sight—the bike boasts internal cabling. The longer, padded sloping tube will make those long shifts more bearable for officers, while the tapered oversized headtube provides improved stability, durability and overall riding performance. Additionally, the bike has ergonomic grips for added comfort.

Other features include:

• Integrated rear rack
• RockShox high-performance forks
• Heavy duty kickstand
• 26-inch wheel alternative available
• 7005 aluminum tubing shape, wall thickness for durability

When ordering the bike, siren and LED lights can be added to the bike. The name of the department can also be added to the bike.

Orders can be placed now at your local bike shop. Patrol bikes are expected to start shipping out in May.

What’s do you think is the most important feature of a patrol bike?

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