SHOT Show 2012: Tru-Spec’s Exclusive All Terrain Tiger Camouflage

Ever since SHOT Show, people have been talking about the new All Terrain Tiger camouflage that’s exclusive to Tru-Spec by Atlanco. This is a variation of the well-known Tiger Stripe pattern. Officially unveiled at the Las Vegas show, the camo was shown on the Tru-Spec Tactical Response Uniform or TRU.

“Tiger Stripe has been a very popular pattern stemming back to the Vietnamese War,” said Jeff Mason, Tru-Spec spokesperson, “where this camouflage was originally used.” He explained that they created this pattern using the popular four-way selection found in the Tru-Spec MultiCam.

The TRU coat and TRU pants are both made of a 50/50 nylon cotton ripstop. “The reason for that is that it captures the no-melt, no-drip attributes that are desired from law enforcement and military today,” said Mason.

Both pieces have the same TRU fit and functionality. This coat does boast an advancement—the coordinate compartment, which can be installed on either arm. “This is very beneficial for SWAT personnel,” said Mason. “The can actually put their SWAT coordinates into this compartment and it’s protected from the elements, moisture and so forth.”

These TRU coats, pants and combat shirts (yes there is a combat shirt) all start at $73.95 (MSRP), but larger sizes are priced differently. ATT Tru-Spec clothing will be released later this month.

Do you have a favorite Tiger Stripe variation? Tell us about it in the comments section. 

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  1. shame tru-spec discontinued there tactical tiger stripe bdu.

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