SHOT Show: Propper A-TACS FG Camo Gear

While at SHOT Show, we stopped to talk to Megan Hegger, marketing product manager of Propper, to talk about the latest clothing in the A-TACS FG  pattern. The green variant has gained a great deal of attention from, well, pretty much everyone.

Designed for temperate environments, the camouflage is made up of organic pixels that utilize colors found in nature. In the video, Hegger talks about the specific applications of the Propper TAC.U combat shirt, which is now available in A-TACS FG.

Also available in the FG pattern are ACU pants, ACU coats, BDU pants, BDU coats, BDU patrol caps and boonies.

What are your thoughts on the A-TACS FG pattern?

One Comment on “SHOT Show: Propper A-TACS FG Camo Gear

  1. I’m a Cavalry Scout in the United States Army. We wore Multicam while deployed, however since returning to garrison we had to change back to ACUs (UCP to use its proper term though we popularly call it “I See U” Though this pattern is rather environment-specific, its about time the Army got a clue and either fully adopted the Multicam it already has (jesus, there’s enough issued to my brigade to switch to it already) rather than wasting its money continuing to field UCP. Its a joke. Every other country can develop a camouflage pattern by just looking at the environment and saying “yeah, green blends into leaves and shit…” before you know it there’s a good camouflage out. The US on the other hand, Well the computer says foliage green, desert sand and urban gray are the three colors that blend in the best” Even though we can still see people wearing it in EVERY environment, the computer knows best so keep fielding it. What the fuck was the Army thinking when they adopted it?

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