Snakebite Prevention: Snake Boots 101

Snakes are to my wife what work is to Homer Simpson. And after finding the first snake of the year in my backyard this weekend, it just seemed like a perfect time to talk about snake boots. Snakebite prevention starts with having the right gear, and wearing an 18-inch snake boot sure does help give you peace of mind while walking around in venomous snake country.

What exactly does it take to be considered a snake boot? The first obvious feature has to be the height of the boot. Covering most, if not all, of the calf is important, as this is where most unsuspecting hunters are bitten. The ability to absorb the force of the bite while not allowing the fangs to penetrate is another important element. Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes have 1-inch long fangs, so the thicker the fabric, the better. The last major feature does not even deal with bite prevention but rather comfort. If the boots are not comfortable and allow for free movement, then you are not going to wear them.

Here are a few of our favorites to consider.

Men’s Danner 18″ Pronghorn GTX

  • Mossy Oak camouflage patterns blend computer-enhanced realistic elements with high-contrast shadows to achieve a three dimensional illusion.
  • CamoHide camouflaged leather is scuff-proof due to the fact the pattern is dyed completely through the leather.
  • 100% waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX liningfor the ultimate in waterproof protection.
  • TERRA FORCE technology provides exceptional boot support and stability without the traditional weight. The four components in the exclusive TERRA FORCE system combine to form an extremely rigid, stable platform that’s also comfortable and supportive.
  • 1000 Denier nylon upper material is extremely resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuffs, improves breathability, and dries quickly.
  • Durable snakeproof protection for those long hunts in snake country.
  • 18″ height.
  • 69 oz.


Men’s Rocky 16″ Lynx Snakeproof WP

  • Cordura® upper with high abrasion toe and heel
  • Side zip for easy on-off
  • Terra Suspension PU cushion footbed
  • Thick and comfortable EVA midsole
  • Aggressive all-terrain Lynx outsole
  • Guaranteed ROCKY waterproof construction
Men’s LaCrosse Venom Snake Boots SZ WP

  • 360º Snake Guard gives you the ultimate in flexible and maneuverable snake bite protection
  • Hyper-Dri® is a highly engineered, waterproof, scent-free barrier that lines the entire boot for 100% protection. Not only does Hyper-Dri® block water from entering the boot, it also transfers it away from your foot.
  • Scent Suppressing® material weaves in antimicrobial fibers in the liner of the boot to fight odor forming bacteria allowing a complete scent free solution
  • EVA midsole and PU footbed give added cushioning and all-day comfort
  • Reinforced abrasion resistant toe cap
  • Realtree APG™ is lighter, more open, more neutral-toned, and features more contrast than the competition. It’s like Realtree AP™, but with olive green accents added
  • Side-zip for easy on/off
  • Extended sizes available for women or those with smaller feet
  • Low Country outsole increases traction with improved surface contact underfoot on varied surfaces while it quickly sheds debris and mud
  • Steel shank
  • 18″ of protection
  • 5.0 lbs per pair

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2 Comments on “Snakebite Prevention: Snake Boots 101

  1. I wish there was a way to have antivenin on hand when out in the back country of the west. I believe it has to be refrigerated to last. Lots of the times I find myself 5-10 miles from the nearest road. What does a guy do if he gets snake bit in an area like that? I guess snake bite prevention is the best method. For now I guess I will just have to stick with my snake proof gear like snake boots and snake glovessnake gloves.

  2. Great article we should all have some type of snake protection. I coon hunt and in certain areas I wear the new TurtleSkin snake bite protection pants. They are light weight and easy to wear. I did a lot research on these before I got my first pair. I still wear good hunting boots and let the TurtleSkins hang over the boots.

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