Spotted: Those Infamous Merrell Hiking Boots from 1992


During a weeknight outing to a concert at The Pageant in Saint Louis, we came across these lovely gems. Looking strikingly familiar, we quickly placed them as the stars of a recent post featuring Merrell hiking boots from 1992. Our jaw dropped; our eyes popped. Yes, it was really them!

Even more alarming than the initial sighting was the venue in which they were spotted. The boots were surrounded by leather-clad college-aged bodies moving to the deafening beats of GirlTalk, the infamous modern mash-up artist. To say we were shocked is an understatement.

The middle-aged woman with¬†gray-speckled blonde hair sat next to us and was double the average age. Her shoes? They were closer to the 18-year-old mark. Although, we cannot say with certainty that these are theMerrell hiking boots from 1992, they have eerie similarities and maintain the same ’90s-esque color palette.

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