Staff Pick: Danner’s Best American-Made Boot

There’s very little that we love more than America. We may be biased, but how can you argue that the country that gave you the hamburger and the right to bear arms is anything less than awesome?

That’s why Danner, a company that has been a U.S. native since its inception in Chippewa Falls, Wis., during the 1930s, has consistently been one of our go-to brands. Because we’re partial to brands who craft products in our favorite country, it’s not a surprise that Danner made our staff pick list.

Staff Member: Mike Miner

Job Title: E-Commerce Specialist

His Pick: Danner 8″ Quarry Alloy Toe

Our Price: $239.95

Colors: Brown, Black


Mike Miner, our e-commerce specialist, eagerly offered up Danner’s American-made Quarry boot as his top choice.

“This is a boot definitely worth mentioning,” Miner says.

Why? Because since its inception more than a decade ago, this boot has had a major revamp. There hasn’t been a transformation this drastic since Miley Cyrus decided to shed her Hannah Montana image. However, unlike Miley, the Quarry’s changes are definitely for the better.

Danner studied and tested original versions of the Quarry boot to find the areas that were most susceptible to wear and tear. After noticing the midsole and back heel stitch were the first to breakdown, they went about reinventing those parts of the boot.

One major change Danner made was to the sole of the boot. The Danner Quarry style now boasts a 12 Iron Vibram midsole with an aggressive Vibram outsole. This sole is an exclusive Danner feature. In addition, to reduce stress on the heel stitch, the updated Quarry boot has the backstitch moved to the outside of the heel.

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“I have had these boots for more than a year now and have absolutely no complaints. Not only do they look great, but also they are incredibly comfortable and durable,” Miner says.

Other characteristics this boot has that launch it onto our list of favorites? The Danner Quarry boasts a lighter-than-steel alloy toe and full-grain, all-leather upper.

Although the aggressiveness and durability of this boot are in-your-face obvious, we were surprised by the extreme level of comfort the Quarry offers. The boot comes equipped with a memory foam insert to keep you fresh on your feet.The GORE-TEX lining is not only 100 percent waterproof but also incredibly breathable.

“I would recommend the Danner Quarry to anyone and everyone who is looking for an all-around great boot,” Miner says.

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2 Comments on “Staff Pick: Danner’s Best American-Made Boot

  1. While I agree with your assessment of how great these boots are I would like to point out the the boots in your photos are the made in China versions.

    I own the US models and the soles are completely different than the ones you have pictured.

    Furthermore the upper portion of the boot where it says Danner on the sides is not raised as it is on this model.

    And lastly there is an American flag on the US models.

  2. I do not own a pair of these boots however I do own a pair of Danner Acadias that I have owned since 1992. I am now retired but these boots served me well as a Deputy Sheriff an S.R.T. team leader etc. they were re-soled once by Danner and I wear them every fall and winter for hiking and hunting. Danner does build the best American made boots.

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