Staff Pick: Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants

At, we’ve seen, studied and worn just about every type of tactical pants on the market. (Have you seen our Tactical Pants Guide?) Not only that, but we also carry so many brands and styles.

Which ones do we wear on the regular? Our lead designer, Corey Schaaf, has deemed Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants the best of the bunch.

Staff member: Corey Schaaf

Job Title: Senior Designer

His Pick: Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants

Our Price: $24.99

Colors: Black, Khaki, LAPD Navy, Olive

“I’ve tried on a lot of tactical pants, and these are by far the best value,” Schaaf says. “As the lead designer, I learn a lot about the products we market. For the features and the price, I couldn’t resist.”

Genuine Gear is the discount brand of military apparel powerhouse Propper International. Its tactical pants even mimic the fit and pocket configuration of Propper tactical pants. These tear-resistant trousers are built into a straight-fit, mid-rise construction. The main difference is the fabric. They’re made from a 40% polyester / 60% cotton instead of a 65% polyester /35% cotton fabric blend. Yet despite the more affordable fabric, a ripstop weave adds durability to the material.

“I’ve been wearing Genuine Gear for the past three years,” Schaaf says. “They were so comfortable and durable I bought several pairs.”


His favorite thing about these tactical trousers? The massive amount of pockets. “In a zombie apocalypse, you can never have too many pockets,” Schaaf says.

Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants boast a 10-pocket design that includes slash, open-top and back pockets along with a coin pocket and a cell pocket. In other words, plenty of room for all your equipment.

Our overall consensus? These are some of the most affordable, value-packed tactical pants on the market.

What tactical pants do you wear? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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