Staff Pick: Our Favorite EDC Bag from 5.11

Our staff pick for October comes from Michael Bolton. Not to be confused with the popular Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter (he gets that all the time), Bolton is the quality assurance analyst at He uses the 5.11 MOAB 10 as his everyday carry bag and says it’s one of his favorite products from our site.


Staff Member: Michael Bolton

Job Title: Quality Assurance Analyst

His Pick: The 5.11 MOAB 10 Bag

Our Price: $99.99

Colors: Black, Sandstone

Recognized internationally, 5.11 has been a favorite brand of law enforcement and tactical professionals for the past 30 years. Although the company originally began around its line of tactical pants, 5.11 Tactical quickly expanded its scope and soon began manufacturing other articles of tactical apparel, footwear, eyewear, duty knives and gear.

“The bag is built like a tank and is comfortable to wear for long periods when fully loaded,” Bolton says.

MOAB, which stands for Mobile Operation Attachment Bag, gets its name from its ability to easily connect or disconnect to any of 5.11’s RUSH series of packs and bags.

This bag has many impressive qualities. One of its most distinguishing factors is that the bag has ambidextrous capabilities, an unusual quality in a tactical bag. Many are made to suit those who are right-handed. Depending on which way you adjust the strap, this bag will suit you, even if you’re left-side dominant.

The MOAB 10 is also jam-packed with functional compartments and hidden features. This bag is hydration-pouch compatible, allowing you to store and attach your bladder and feed the hose through the hydration hole at the top of the bag. The MOAB 10 boasts more than 15 pockets, including hidden firearm storage.

“Over the years I have slowly discovered the advantage of having various items readily available, and they quickly became too much to carry in my pockets,” Bolton says. “This bag lets me have all the things I like to have handy in one place. The pockets are well thought out.”

This bag is even tech friendly. It offers a pocket located on the strap made specifically to secure phones or MP3 players. A headphone jack allows you to use headphones while your device is securely stored away.

Bag Breakdown

Exterior Features:

– MOLLE system placement on the front panel, top, shoulder strap and on the sides makes this bag well-suited for attachments.

– Adjustable clip system on the bottom of the bag can be used to hold a variety of gear, such as jackets and blankets.

– Three velcro placements that can be used for morale patches. There is a large one on the front panel, a strip located on the front and a flag shaped placement on the strap.

– Reinforced grab handle at the top of the bag.


Front Pocket Features:

-Double Zippers

-Two magazine pockets

-Two identical pouches

-Tall pocket

-Two pen pockets

-Sleeve pocket

-Two hooks to attach keys

-One Zipper pocket

untitled (14)

Hidden Pocket Features:

– Velcro closure

– Designed for firearm storage

– Can easily fit large full-frame handgun

Main Compartment Features:

– Compression straps

– Double zipper

– Four overlapping mesh pockets that open in opposite directions

– Large pocket with zipper opening on either side

– Adjustable drawstring pocket

untitled (15)

Single Zipper Pocket Features:

– Felt-lined

– Great for storing sunglasses.

Strap Features:

– Strap pocket with elastic band sewn in. Intended to secure phone or MP3 player, it offers a headphone jack so that you can listen to music while your device is stored away safely.

– Straps sideways, across your chest.

– Can be adjusted to cater to either your right side or left side.

untitled (20)


Back Bladder Pocket Features:

– Velcro attachment to hook your bladder.

– Portal to feed the hose through to the top of the bag. Hydration hole secures with velcro on the outside of the bag.

– Removable plastic reinforcement plate.

Back of the Bag Features:

– Rubber inserts that stick to your clothes for stability while you’re carrying it.

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  1. parabéns pelas qualidades dos produtos de vocês teem

  2. gostei muito desta pochete americana,e tambem gostei muito dos produtos de vocês,eu sou brasileiro e gostaria de comprar os seus produtos,obrigado pela atenção

  3. Then this must be the Michael Bolton from the movie, “Office Space,” I take it. Ha ha.

    BTW, the bag is next on my list.

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