6 Unusual Hunting Stands

Hunting stands are like people. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and constructions. Some are secured and grounded. Others have shakier foundations. If you’ve been hunting for years, you probably think that you have been seen all the flavors of hunting posts.

But maybe you haven’t seen all the stand manufacturers (or innovators) have to offer? Check out some of the craziest hunting stand photos we’ve found on the Internet.

The Fancy Pants Stand

[At the right is the interior of this luxury tree stand and on the left is the exterior. via Weeville]

Some people just can’t hunt without the luxuries of home. Couches, a deck and patio furniture‚Ķ. Did you guys even want to hunt? This seems like it might just be a way to get away from the old homestead.

The Old-Cab-of a-Truck Stand

[Re-purposing that ancient truck–it’s a good thing. via Georgia Outdoor News]

Times are tough. We get it. That old truck won’t run and it’s time for a new deer stand. Why not make the best of a sad situation and plop that truck cab on top of that stand platform? Woot. You got yourself a brand new place to hunt deer from.

The Scary High Camper Stand

[Hope you don’t have vertigo…. via Humor Hound]

We have no idea how these guys pulled this one off. A crane had to be involved. Anyway, they somehow they got this camper pod up there. And it appears they have electricity running up there. That must be the world’s longest extension cord.

The Home-Away-From-Home Trailer Stand

[Even you can build your own trailer home stand. via this guy]

We know what you’re thinking… I got to get me one of these! Well, you’re in luck. There’s a step-by-step guide for constructing this wondrous piece of trailer art. The best part? The stand can double as a vacation home.

The Junker-in-the-Sky Stand

[Don’t donate that pile on wheels to the junkyard; make it a hunting stand. via Jesse’s Hunting]

Have you ever daydreamed about bagging that buck from your 4-door car? Check out this auto stand. Lean the seat back and listen to some of your favorite CDs, while waiting for that prized rack. Of course, you’ll have to make sure that your volume is turned down or you might be sitting there for a spell.

The One With The Bear In It

[I think the bear’s on to you. I would give him some space. via Abnormal Outdoors]

Who’s been sitting in my tree stand? Gee guys, it looks like a bear. This is most likely not one of the most popular stands on the market, but it certainly would prove who was the toughest of your hunting companions.

What’s the most unusual deer or tree stand you’ve ever seen?


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