Summer Release: Oakley Water Combat Boots


New Oakley water combat boots -- as yet unnamed.

First breaking the news in January, Gear Scout released photos of Oakley’s new water combat boot. As it is a work in progress, very few people outside of the company were privy to details about the military boots. In fact you may just remember the Military Boots Blog on the subject this past February.

What could be gathered from the sneak peek? The large screened holes pass allow for water to pass easily in and out of the boot. Its sole is made for improved traction despite wet conditions.

Soldier Systems Daily shared more recent pictures of the boot. Pictures of the boot in various colors have been surfacing for the past two years, but SSD was finally able to get a release date from Oakley. Expect to see these bad boys for sale sometime this summer.


Have long have you been wishing for a pair of these sweet Oakley boots?

2 Comments on “Summer Release: Oakley Water Combat Boots

  1. These are already available on the Oakley discounted military site. You can find info here: You can’t see the price without logging in( You must be military, law enforcement, or certain emergency services to apply for an account), but judging by the price on there and the usual porportion of Oakley gear Military to Civillian, I would assume them to be priced at around $125-$135 USD to the general public.

  2. Great news. I had been looking for such pair of shoes since so long from the time i got my army desert boots from BargainsPlusMore,net long back,these Oakley’s new water combat boots will be one more addition in collection of my army boots wardrobe.


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