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Here at the Tactical Pants Blog we come across all sorts of tactical nonsense (tac corsets, anyone?) as well as more logical items such as tactical pens and, of course, tactical trousers. However, when we saw a sizzling advertisement for tactical bacon, we simply couldn’t resist.

When this canned wonder hit the market back in April, it was openly embraced by the place that has an ongoing love affair with all things bacon. From bacon booze to bacon jam, it seems like if you tack the word “bacon” to any story on the Internet, you’re met with instant success (much like the word tactical, eh?).

Now what exactly makes this bacon so tactical?

Firstly, the 9-ounce can has an amazing shelf life of ten years. Once you pop the top, you’ll uncover 54 bacon strips coiled up and smooshed together in lard for $15.99. Moreover, it’s advertised as a perfect companion for camping, hunting, zombie standoffs, end-of-the-world scenarios and more. Plus, you could probably use an unopened can as a defense mechanism.

Tac-Bac contains pork, water, salt, sugar, sodium flavoring, sodium phosphat, sodium erythorbat and sodium nitrate. It’s described as “smelling like dog food,” “holding the shape of the can really well” and “really really really greasy” in the various video reviews below. (Note: Apparently canned bacon brings out some NSFW language, so beware in the second and third video!)

“I think the future wars will be battled over tactical bacon because this is the best bacon I’ve ever had out of a can,” proclaims Stew for Lunch as he shoves an uncooked piece of Tac-Bac in his mouth.

So, don’t be shy … take a bite!

And then there’s a different kind of tactical bacon …

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  1. HA! My Tactical Bacon Cooking Apparatus video made it all the way to the Tactical Pants blog.

    Does that make me famous?

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