Tactical Chucks Are Here?

Tactical Chucks

The time has finally come for tactical Chucks.

It was just a year ago ITS Tactical blogger Bryan Black rounded up 1,000 signatures on a petition to Converse. The petition asked Converse to produce tactical Chucks that Bryan spotted at SHOT Show 2010. Less than 12 months later a version of the original tactical Chucks have been spotted online. So, can he claim mission accomplished?

Not just yet.

It appears that Converse has already sold out of this limited edition shoe. In fact, according to commenters on ITS Tactical, the company only made 200 pairs and is now taking pre-orders for a shipment due in near the end of April. You’d think they would have at least produced 1,000 pairs to cover those who signed the petition, right? Perhaps this is only the beginning…

If you have your eyes on a new pair of tactical kicks and don’t want to wait any longer, also consider PF Flyers, as Black suggests.

Tactical PF Flyers

For those big Converse fans out there, check out 10 sweet Chuck Taylor designs, a list we created back when tactical Chucks were only just a flicker on the horizon.

What do you think of the new tactical Chucks? Do you prefer the PF Flyers?

One Comment on “Tactical Chucks Are Here?

  1. Tactical Gear and fashion usually don’t mix well. But these look nice, sturdy and I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear them out. Hopefully they will release a few more of these.

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