Tactical Glossary: Know Your Gear Terms

Get your tactical vocabulary on! No seriously, it’s really important to know your tactical gear terms. Even the most seasoned operator might have some difficulty shopping for gear online. That’s why we created the Tactical Glossary, which ensures you have a super easy shopping experience.

The glossary includes terms that describe the special features, fabrics or materials found in tactical gear and apparel. Not sure what MOLLE is? There is an entry that explains the system. Can’t remember the name of the newest camouflage? It lists the latest variations of camouflage patterns. Helpful for even tactical experts, it takes the guesswork out of purchasing gear online.

It also incorporates the common words used by tactical industry experts, gun enthusiasts and those employed in the public safety arena, such as elite operators, law officers, SWAT teams or security professionals. For example, the word standardize is defined as “to bring into conformity with a standard” in the dictionary. That same word in the Tactical Glossary has a more specific definition: “To organize your gear in a fashion that ensures it’s always in the same place. This is especially helpful during high-pressure missions or situations.” The glossary outlines nuances unfamiliar to newbies and potentially even some veterans in the field.

We invite all you experts and novices to scope out the Tactical Glossary, and let us know if we left anything out! Comment directly on the glossary page or leave feedback on our Facebook wall.

Do you have problems shopping for gear online? What kind of resources do you think would help? 

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