Tactical Holster Tips of the Month

People love to share tips via video, and there’s nothing more priceless than free advice. That is, if the advice is warranted.

You have to master the fast draw. At least that’s what Dave Spaulding says. Watch the video below to learn how you too can be an awesomely gifted weapons handler. When you want a quick speedy draw, he recommends strong-side belt carry as best location for carrying firearms.

“Herkey-jerky spastic motion is not what you want to acquire a fast draw,” he says. Duly noted.

This next tip comes from theARMORYchannel.  It involves a Scorpion holster that slips during movement. The host suggests using sandpaper to rough up the parts of the plastic holster that touch your clothing. He adds long narrow strips of 3M sandpaper to those places as well.

“When I use this holster, [the sandpaper strips] will grab my clothes and give it a nice, secure feeling,” he says. “It won’t slide up and down.”

For more tips, watch below. Warning: There is some NSFW language, especially in the first minute or so.

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