Tactical Pants Guide Update

What if these were all tactical pants?

We’re reporting today from underneath a mammoth pile of tactical pants.

No joke.

See that picture on the right. Well, imagine that is all tactical pants. Yeah, that’s what our desk looks like today. Did you know that there are more than 30 different styles of tactical trousers on the market today?

That is just mind boggling. And it explains why the Tactical Pants Guide had grown from 10 pages to 17 and probably won’t be finished for another week. We sit here measuring pockets, snapping pictures and interviewing loads and loads of folks about the nuances of the greatest type of pants ever made. Believe it!

No, we haven’t lost our minds. We just want to know EVERYTHING about these glorious pants.

Want to know what type of pants will be outlined in this amazing guide? Check out the list below. See one missing? Let us know, and we’ll include it.

24-7 Series

  • Men’s Cotton Canvas
  • Men’s Poly-Cotton Ripstop
  • Women’s Poly-Cotton Ripstop
  • Men’s Convertible

5.11 Tactical

  • Original 5.11 Pants
  • Convertible Cargo Pants
  • Flannel-lined Pants
  • Women’s Cotton
  • Taclite Pro Pants
  • Women’s New Fit
  • Women’s Taclite Pro Pant


  • Warrior Wear Tactical Pant
  • Lightweight Pant
  • TNT Pant
  • TNT OPS Pant


  • Men’s Tactical Pants
  • Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pant
  • Men’s Operator Pant
  • Women’s Lightweight Tactical Pant


  • Canvas Tactical Pant
  • Lightweight Tactical Pant
  • Genuine Gear Tactical Pant
  • Women’s Tactical Pant


  • Men’s Pants
  • Women’s Pants


  • Cargo Pant
  • Lightweight Pant
  • Lightweight Operator Pant
  • Elite Pant
  • Women’s Elite Lightweight Pant

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  1. Great suggestion. Kitanica will definitely be included in a future version of the Tactical Pants Guide.

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