Tactical Talk: Police Officer + Blogger Momma Fargo

With a sea-green colored theme and a squirrelly avatar, blogger Momma Fargo tells it like it is, which happens to be mostly hilarious.

On her blog The Boogie Man Is My Friend, the 40-something gives us a behind-the-scenes (as well as an in-front-of-the-scenes and in-between-the-scenes) look at being a law enforcement officer in the big city. Momma dispenses a fair amount of insight into the police officer world. She writes: “I am sure many people wonder why cops like to drive fast, eat donuts and turn on their lights … Donuts are just good, nothing to discuss there. The lights are pretty (it’s the only spotlight we will get) and driving fast is fun. Pretty simple.”

Her posts often highlight random conversations with friends, coworkers, siblings, drunk people, geezer cowboys and other crazy folks she meets while out on patrol. Recently she took a quick breather from all the riffraff to answer some questions via e-mail.

Our favorite story of yours has to be the Porta Potty Party. Is there a better one that we missed?

Well I am not sure about a better post. They are all different. That was quite the unusual one. I myself like the fat kid post, which was some time before that…

What’s your most favorite moment recorded on The Boogie Man Is My Friend?

Probably my daughter moments.

On your blog you write “Sometimes, ladies, all we have is our brains…don’t be a stupid bimbo.” Wise words, but do you find many bimbos becoming LEOs? It doesn’t seem like the profession would be attractive to that sort.

Over the years, we have had our fair share of women who just aren’t cut out for the job. Along those same lines, there have been men as well. However, the prissy women and bimbos get washed out.

I’ve worked beside women that have to have their hair just so and if their nails break…they cry. Those of us women that are proud of our job and work hard also do not appreciate women that sleep around with company men. Don’t dip your pen in the company ink. It’s the rule.

The qualifications are the same for men and women. The societal norm of cops is different for the two genders. Woman have higher unwritten standards from their peers. They have to hack it. They have to be tougher than the men, mentally. And physically capable as well. It isn’t a fair process, but it is THE process.

Looking back, what did you want to be when you grew up? Was it always an LEO?

I wanted to be a veterinarian or rich, famous and live on a ranch…live high on the hog. The only part that stuck was the hog part…I became a cop (pig). LOL. On several of my posts, you will note I refer to an aptitude test I took in 1982 that said I would be best suited for law enforcement. Whodathunk? Here I am.

What made you want to become an LEO?

I became a law enforcement officer after working for my friend at the DA’s office. I had my own career right out of college. My friend’s secretary got into a motorcycle accident and her leg had to be amputated so they were desperate for temporary help while she recovered. I took time off my other job and filled in after much begging from my friend. Then the work fascinated me, and the rest is history.

What do you do in your downtime—when you’re not blogging or fighting crime?

I have a great family who I love to spend time with. Mostly normal things. I love the outdoors. We do a lot of family activities, board and yard games, fishing, camping, hunting, exploring, etc. My daughter and I also love to read. You may find us on the same sofa in silence…reading separate books. Sometimes she reads to me. She and I often get manicures together and have our girly days. Dad takes her hunting. She loves both aspects…being a girly girl and a tomboy.

We also have a tree nursery and garden business…so that keeps us all going. I love to garden. My daughter is getting into flowers and topiaries. I love the trees. So the question I often ask myself…what downtime?

Now on to tactical pants… Do you wear them?

Love, love tactical pants. Wear them for a lot of stuff. When I am called out…first thing I grab for Hostage Negotiations and Evidence and Crime Scene Processing. They are great for range work. When I was a detective getting called out…always wore them. I like loose fitting ones that you can move in and are tough, rugged, long-lasting.

What are your favorite brands/fit? Some have had a really tough time finding tactical pants for women since there are so few choices out there for females.

You are correct, women have a tough time finding ones that work well. I like the 5.11 brand. And also found that the black tactical uniform pants from Spiewak are nice. I have to wear blue on the job, so the black Spiewak or 5.11 (various colors) are for call outs. Any company that tries to fit pants or cater to a woman’s fit…I’m all over trying them out. I really like that most companies are now trying to get it right for the girls.

Often you’ll see me on landscaping jobs in my tactical pants! They work for everything.

We saw the picture of Jake the Service Dog—were you on the canine unit with him?

Jake was my sergeant’s K9. He was retired and fighting with his new K9. Sarg asked for help, I gladly volunteered. If you read about his tragic death…and previous stories…you’ll know he was very loved. He was our most decorated police service dog. Great partner to all of us. There is still a hole in my heart over Jake.

We just found out about how you have to retire when the pup does—seems crazy to us!

Our department allows the K9 officer to get another dog if they want to continue after their dog is retired. So…the Sarg is on his second dog, Max. Max is absolutely as wonderful as Jake. Jake will always have my heart, though.

Do your coworkers know about your blog?

My blog is completely anonymous. No one at work knows about my site. Nor will they. I come to Blogland to be away from them, be myself and have fun. Something different. It’s cheaper than therapy. LOL.

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  1. Funny interview.

    Porta Potty Potty is a definite read for those not familiar with what unreal situations that officers have to deal with.

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