TacticalGear.com Partners with The Mission Continues

TacticalGear.com is happy to announce its partnership with The Mission Continues, a St. Louis-based non-profit organization that assists returning veterans serve again—as citizen leaders.

Established in 2007, The Mission Continues has been helping returning soldiers find purpose through service and honor the values of their fallen brothers and sisters. The organization began after Eric Greitens, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, talked with wounded Marines. After sitting with the soldiers at Bethesda Naval Hospital, he found each and every one of them wished to continue serving their nation. “One young Marine even said this: ‘I lost my legs—that is all. I did not lose my desire to serve or my pride in being an American,'” reads The Mission Continues website.

Called to a different kind of duty, Greitens took his combat pay and started to form the nonprofit. Two of his friends also put in their disability checks to ensure that the dream became a reality.

To help continue the reality, TacticalGear.com has recently launched a special feature that offers the opportunity to make a donation. It’s easy to contribute. After you’ve completed shopping at TacticalGear.com, you’ll see The Mission Continues option during checkout. This will be visible upon entering your payment information and will be located at the bottom of the checkout menu. From here, you will be able to choose your donation amount.

Other Ways to Help

Tailored for post-9/11 veterans, the fellowship program usually includes 28 weeks of volunteer work. The participants receive a living stipend throughout their time of service.

“To date, we have engaged nearly 200 post-9/11 veterans in six-month fellowships in local nonprofit organizations, mentoring at-risk youth, training guide dogs for disabled Americans, coordinating housing builds or doing disaster preparedness work,” states the website. “We have seen these communities improve as a result of their efforts and seen those veterans grow and successfully transition to meaningful careers, further education or an ongoing role of service.”

The Service Projects Program allows volunteers, veterans and on-duty personnel to work together on community-based projects. In an effort to honor fallen servicemen and women, more than 16,830 volunteers have completed hundreds of service projects. These projects also support fellows who are serving in their communities.

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