TacticalGear.com Visits Propper Distribution Center

Where do all those Propper International tactical pants come from? You may have asked yourself this question on an occasion or two. Well it’s your lucky day, we just happen to have a few photos from Propper’s main distribution center.

Last Thursday (July 28), two dedicated, adventurous TacticalGear.com employees traveled to the warehouse in Waverly, Tenn. After a 300-mile road trip, the pair received a tour of the center. In addition to seeing everyone in action, they learned a ton about the facility.

Facts Gleaned from the Waverly Excursion:

  • Warehouse Size – 100,000 square feet
  • Employees – 27
  • Approximately 466 daily orders
  • 99.5% of units shipped same business day (before 2 p.m.)

What’s really cool? ¬†TacticalGear.com affiliated site BDU.com accounted for 40% of all orders shipped from Waverly in 2009. That’s a lot of tactical threads.

What’s your favorite piece of Propper tactical wear?

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