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Top 10 Gear from SHOT Show 2014

We spent a couple days in ecstasy at SHOT Show 2014 meeting with our favorite brands about the newest and most noteworthy tactical clothing, equipment and footwear. We’ve somehow managed to narrow down all gear we geeked out over into our top 10.

Tactical Pants Go Hollywood

What does it take to make it on the big screen these days? Apparently all you need 14 pockets, cotton canvas and a French fly. See 24-7 Series tactical pants in their first starring role, perhaps ever.

The Perfect iPad 2 Pants Pocket

The original iPad? Too big. But what about the second iteration? We put tactical pants pockets to the test to see if it would fit the oversized gadget. Find out which ones passed.

New Take on Tru-Spec Classic Pant

What does Tru-Spec have in the making for 2011? We caught a glimpse of two tactical looks at SHOT Show, specifically their new performance polo and classic pant.

Woolrich Elite Reveals New Concealed Carry Chinos

The discreet trend continues to take the tactical world by storm. Where is it headed next? At SHOT Show, Woolrich Elite Series Tactical gave us a sampling of what to expect for operators who prefer a more incognito look.

Tactical Pants Fabric Guide

Cotton or blend? Original or lightweight? If choosing the right tactical pant is weighing on you, help is on the way. We’ve created a guide to help you decide which fabric suits your needs.

Q&A: Creator of 5.11 Pants Liz Robbins

SWAT teams and FBI agents across the world wear tactical pants. But it wasn’t always that way. The woman who designed the first pair of 5.11 pants shares the untold story of how the world’s most functional trouser came to be.

Tru-Spec’s Tactical Pants Survey

Would’ya like to take a survey? That’s what Tru-Spec is asking public safety professional who wear tactical pants on duty three or more times a week. Do you qualify?

New Resource for Men

Want a CliffsNotes version of tactical pants? Take a gander at our latest page on tactical pants for men. Learn all about the brands behind the pants and the men who often wear tactical trousers.

Vanity Sizing: How Do Tactical Pants Measure Up?

Size is just a number. But are manufacturers making pants bigger to make us feel better? TPB investigates.