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iPad Pants Challenge

Will the iPad fit into a pair of BDUs? ACUs? Well, how about tactical pants? Watch as this theory is tested on video and decide for yourself which pants fit the tablet computer the best.

Sizing Up Your Elastic Waistband

Need extra room to breathe in the waist region? Boy, have we got a cutting-edge solution for you. Find out how to manipulate your waistband for added comfort.

Ladies Tactical Pants Try-On Party

Ladies, your tactical pants are getting the special treatment. Join our customer service team of TacticalPants.com as we shuffle through various sizes and brands of just-for-women tac trousers.

An Ode to Tactical Belts

It’s what keeps your pants from falling down, so you gotta love ’em. We take a moment to honor six great tactical belts on the market today.

Women’s Tactical Pants: Finding the Right Fit

What would Liz Robbins say if she knew how long women have been ignored in the tactical space? As the designer of the original 5.11 pant, Liz was as passionate about great fitting clothing as she was about… Read More

Tactical Pants Guide Update

We’re reporting today from underneath a mammoth pile of tactical pants. No joke. See that picture on the right. Well, imagine that is all tactical pants. Yeah, that’s what our desk looks like today. Did you know that… Read More

Mighty Morphin Tactical Pants (aka Convertible Cargos)

What are convertible cargo pants? For starters, they aren’t just pants you can wear in a drop-top. At the start of the millennium, the lightweight trousers that zipped off to create shorts were all the rage. Nowadays, you… Read More

Tactical Pant Players

5.11 Tactical – The original tactical pant creator. 511 tactical pants posses a distinctive “buddy strap” on the back of the garment. They offer a large variety of styles and colors.  A little on the pricey side for… Read More