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New Styles From 5.11 Tactical, Woolrich Elite

5.11 Tactical will be releasing three new, updated styles of tactical pants. Each style is equipped to handle a number of hands-on and/or office duties that those employed in the public safety sector face on a daily basis.

Review: Helikon-Tex Urban Tactical Pants

Already generating a buzz online, Helikon-Tex’s Urban Tactical Pants are the latest version of mission-ready cargos to hit the market. We got our hands on a pair, shipped directly from their birthplace of Poland. Do they live up to the hype? Find out.

5.11 Tactical Opens First Retail Store in CA

Tactical folks in the Fresno area will have a new favorite retail store. 5.11 Tactical celebrates the grand opening of its first store on May 11, 2011. Shoppers will be able to find all of the items from the 5.11 Tactical catalog here.

The Perfect iPad 2 Pants Pocket

The original iPad? Too big. But what about the second iteration? We put tactical pants pockets to the test to see if it would fit the oversized gadget. Find out which ones passed.

New ‘Urban Tactical Pants’ Launch in Europe

Who could have guessed tactical pants were talk of this year’s IWA & OutdoorClassics show in Germany. Polish company Helikon-Tex brings to market patent-pending Urban Tactical Pants sure to turn industry heads.

Magnum CEO Bob Kaiser Previews New Apparel Line

Magnum CEO Bob Kaiser talks shop, giving an exclusive look into the new Rapid Deployment line of shirts and pants. He discusses key features like the patent-pending venting system.

Review: Tactical Pants Go for a Ski

What happens when tactical pants hit the slopes? We tested out a pair on a weekend ski trip to Lake Tahoe. Find out if they made it past the bunny slopes.

Will Tactical Clothing Prices Increase This Year?

Reportedly reaching record highs, cotton prices have been continuously increasing and are predicted to effect the lives of many Americans, even extending to their tactical clothing.

Review: Women’s 5.11 Tactical Pants

Have you ever found a pair of women’s tactical pants that fit just right? This week we hear from someone who discovered just that by wear testing a pair of ladies 5.11 trousers.

Digital Concealment Systems Files Suit Against 5.11

On March 1, Digital Concealment Systems filed a civil lawsuit against 5.11 Tactical. The suit stems from a series of letters sent by 5.11 accusing DCS’s A-TACS trademark being identical to that of its A.T.A.C. line.