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Another Look at Bates Boots iCS System

Bates Footwear has developed a revolutionary comfort system that is found in their newer styles. The Individual Comfort System is outlined by Andrew Fowler, director of sales, in this YouTube video series.

New Bates Boots Feature iCS

New this month, Bates boots feature Individual Comfort System (iCS) technology. Andrew Fowler, director of sales for Bates Footwear, demonstrated the technology embedded in the new styles at 2011 SHOT Show.

Name Those Boots

Being the military boot experts, it’s not too often we come across a boot we can’t identify. This time we leave the naming up to you. Can you figure out what combat footwear Airmen of the 451st Air Expeditionary Wing are marching in?

Military Gear Companies

There are more than 50 companies out there that design and produce military equipment, apparel and accessories. Actually, there’s probably even more than that. Accessories BDS Tactical Bianchi Blackhawk Eagle Industries Fobus Holsters & Pouches FoxRiver Fox Outdoor… Read More

7 Awesome USA-made Combat Boots

Domestic labor is more expensive, but some folks won’t have it any other way. In honor of those who purchase based on national pride, we salute seven boots constructed in the US of A.

125 Years of Bates

Bates Footwear is celebrating 125 years of boot making this year. Through its long journey, the boot manufacturer has seen the kind of highs and lows that has created one of the most recognizable brands in military gear…. Read More

Gerard Butler’s Boots

It’s not often that a pair of military boots shows up on the cover of a magazine. Aside from the usual suspects, glossy mags usually prefer Prada or Gucci to Danner or Oakley. Yet that didn’t stop Scottish… Read More

Bates New C3 Boot

Back in January, Bates Footwear launched its C3 boot at the 2010 SHOT Show. C3 stands for Cross Channel Circulation and is supposed to keep feet cooler and more comfortable. Temperature control and comfort are two qualities often… Read More

Name That Boot

Our friends over at FreeMilitaryPhotos.com sent over this great close-up this morning of a combat boot squish-squishing along the soppy ground. According to the photo caption, the boot belongs to a U.S. Soldier from Red Platoon, Combined Security… Read More

Bloggers React to Obama’s Afghan Troop Surge

Everyone seems to have an opinion about President Barack Obama’s decision to up the ante in Afghanistan. While The New York Times and The Atlantic Wire covered milbloggers initial reactions, we gave it a week to settle in…. Read More