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What the New AR 670-1 Means for Your Boots

Top brands are adjusting their boots to accommodate the new Army Regulation 670-1—and we’ve got the lowdown on their plans.

USAF Uniform Changes: Out with the Tan, In with the Sage Green

Attention Air Force soldiers: The phase out date for BDUs, DCUs and desert tan boots is upon us. On Nov. 1, sage green is the new tan. We’ve selected some of our best sage green boots to make your life easier. Check them out.

Military Boots Blog: Belleville 950 En Route To Afghanistan

The Military Boots Blog explains how the U.S. Army has chosen the Belleville 950 combat mountain hiker for troops stationed in Afghanistan. Find out why the boots were chosen.

Belleville 950 En Route To Afghanistan

U.S. Army troops stationed in Afghanistan will be receiving Belleville 950s in the coming months. The combat mountain hikers will offer more support and traction for soldiers carrying combat loads.

US Army Selects Belleville Mountain Combat Boot

It came down to Belleville, Danner and Wellco. What pushed Belleville ahead of the crowd? We dig a little deeper and discover why Belleville won the U.S. mountain combat boot contract.

Military Boots in Small Sizes

Who says great things don’t come in small sizes? Kiss the children’s section goodbye, and choose from our growing selection of small-sized combat boots.

6 Ways to Gear Up for ‘Battle: Los Angeles’

When aliens invade, we have the gear you need to survive. That’s why we equippped the Marine heroes of ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ for their run-in with the army of extraterrestrial intruders.

Magnum 8-inch Spider 8.1 Urban Review

Our customer relations associate steps into a rugged pair of Magnum’s latest. Did she experience maximum comfort and style? Learn more as she reviews the 8” Spider 8.1 Urban boots.

Name Those Boots

Being the military boot experts, it’s not too often we come across a boot we can’t identify. This time we leave the naming up to you. Can you figure out what combat footwear Airmen of the 451st Air Expeditionary Wing are marching in?

Women’s Military Boots Try-on Party

The women of MilitaryBoots.com gathered together to try out our three most popular brands—Belleville, Blackhawk and Converse. Join the party with footage and commentary.