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Apocalypse 2012: 6 Ways to Gear Up for the Fallout

Could you survive the apocalypse? You will when you are armed with our top-notch tactical gear. From hydration packs to quality clothing, we have all your basic needs covered. Check out our recommendations for your doomsday survival cache. Your life may depend on it.

Mad About MultiCam

We’re just mad about MultiCam! It’s not hard to see why – it’s quickly becoming the most popular camouflage pattern out there. We’ve even put together a list of our customer’s favorites, from shoes, pants, packs and so much more. Read on to check out the spotlighted items.

CamelBak Linchpin: Stay Hydrated & Organized

There’s no wonder why so many operators and servicemen love the Camelbak Linchpin. Streamlined and organized, the hydration pack keeps essential gear and tools at the ready. Available in the favorite standard colors and patterns, the bag will ensure wearers stay fast on their feet and blissfully hydrated.

Father’s Day: 26 Gift Ideas for the Tactical Dad

Would you categorize your dad as tactical? Stumped on what to purchase him for Father’s Day? Tactical Gear Blog has put together a gift guide to ensure that your papa feels supremely kickass on his special day. Check it.

Straight from SHOT: Camelbak Packs & Gloves

Are you a fan of Camelbak’s gear line? If so, you will undoubtedly love these hot products. Watch footage straight from SHOT Show of the in-demand tactical packs and gloves.

Water Hydration Pack Spotted on “The Office”

Which character from NBC’s The Office sported a water hydration system on last week’s show? Was it Michael Scott? Pam? Angela? You’d better guess again.