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Under-The-Desk Holsters

Your work space. It’s a place some compare to a prison cell. For others, it’s a peaceful place where even the most far-out tasks always manage to get accomplished. Either way, you spend a significant amount of time… Read More

Empty Holsters Permitted at Texas College

Students can now carry empty gun holsters on a Texas college campus following a three-year battle that ended last week. Why would Tarrant County College administrators care about students sporting holsters without guns? Apparently the school felt empty… Read More

Major Brouhaha over Open Carry at Starbucks

Gun advocacy groups have been meeting at Starbucks across the Sunshine state with unconcealed weapons in tow. As you can imagine, gun control groups are fuming. So much so, they’ve started petitioning Starbucks to ban guns inside shops… Read More

How to Pick a Concealed Carry Holster

Enter gun holster shopping with the mindset that what you buy not only impacts your draw time, it could also be a factor in your safety. While many professionals use gun belts for holsters, civilians prefer other concealable… Read More

Bad Idea: Guns at Twitter Events

If you’re thinking about busting out a concealed gun during a Twitter-organized event and not have the world talking about it moments later, think again. That is, unless you’re going to a NRA Tweetup. At a Saturday snowball… Read More

Concealed Carry DVD Giveaway

Need a quick refresher session on concealed carry techniques? Soldier Systems has got you covered. The military/tactical industry blog is giving away five DVDs to its readers that show the basics of concealed carry techniques. Currently only offered… Read More

iPhone App Alert: Pocket Guide for Concealed Weapon Laws

With a clever name and a repository of government information about concealed carry laws, iBearArms has its sights set on becoming the mobile resource for gun owners on the go. Updated last week, iBearArms offers information on state… Read More

GUNPAL Offers PayPal Alternative

A new payment processor tailored specifically for firearms and accessories is aiming to blow away the competition. Launched in 2009, GUNPAL Inc. is targeting a $3 billion firearms industry where licensed weapons dealers are unable to use PayPal… Read More

Gun Brings Haunted House Extra Scare

While visiting your favorite haunted house this season, what’s the best way to make yourself look über-cool when a terrifying monster is coming at you with a fake (but equally terrifying) chainsaw? The answer is definitely not what… Read More

Safariland Holster Saves Officer’s Life

It’s something we unfortunately see all too often: A police officer just doing his job, protecting the community, and a criminal goes after his weapon, attempting to disarm him. That was the case most recently in Ontario, Canada…. Read More