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Converse Military Boots Discontinued

Converse military boot styles will be discontinued at the end of this year; however, the Rapid Response and the Velocity will still be produced. Warson Brands is unveiling the complete line of Reebok military footwear, which will include these popular styles. Check them out!

The Velocity: Converse’s Lightest Boot Ever

Converse has worked tirelessly to produce its lightest boot ever. Weighing approximately only two pounds a pair, the Velocity military boots are packed with a number of features and the latest technology. You might even feel like you’re going barefoot.

New All-Over Camo Boots

Danner and Magnum have created combat kicks that are nearly undetectable. How? With A-TACS and MultiCam, of course. Learn why all-over camouflage boots are the new hotness.

Military Boots in Small Sizes

Who says great things don’t come in small sizes? Kiss the children’s section goodbye, and choose from our growing selection of small-sized combat boots.

Magnum 8-inch Spider 8.1 Urban Review

Our customer relations associate steps into a rugged pair of Magnum’s latest. Did she experience maximum comfort and style? Learn more as she reviews the 8” Spider 8.1 Urban boots.

Name Those Boots

Being the military boot experts, it’s not too often we come across a boot we can’t identify. This time we leave the naming up to you. Can you figure out what combat footwear Airmen of the 451st Air Expeditionary Wing are marching in?

Women’s Military Boots Try-on Party

The women of MilitaryBoots.com gathered together to try out our three most popular brands—Belleville, Blackhawk and Converse. Join the party with footage and commentary.

Converse’s Honor Code Guarantee

For those stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan, Converse offers a sweet pledge that keeps the best-performing boots on the frontline—serving you while you serve our country. Learn more about the Honor Code Guarantee.

Military Gear Companies

There are more than 50 companies out there that design and produce military equipment, apparel and accessories. Actually, there’s probably even more than that. Accessories BDS Tactical Bianchi Blackhawk Eagle Industries Fobus Holsters & Pouches FoxRiver Fox Outdoor… Read More

Q&A: Military Boots For Life Winner Sgt. Dave Rogers

Sgt. Dave Rogers, a former U.S. Air Force serviceman, was nearly speechless when we broke the news—that his picture and story beat out hundreds of entries earning him a lifetime supply of Converse. He told us that he’d… Read More