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Photo Contest: Why Afghanistan Matters

Spring is here, and apparently photo contests are in the air. ‘Tis true! With two days left of the Converse Military Boots for Life Contest, many are scurrying to show off their oldest pair of boots. Despite similarities,… Read More

10 Days Left of The Converse Military Boots For Life Contest

As many of our loyal Military Boots Blog readers know, we are giving away a lifetime supply of Converse Military Boots. Not just to any average Joe though. Oh no. We’re holding out for the owner of the… Read More

Name That Boot

Our friends over at FreeMilitaryPhotos.com sent over this great close-up this morning of a combat boot squish-squishing along the soppy ground. According to the photo caption, the boot belongs to a U.S. Soldier from Red Platoon, Combined Security… Read More

Military Boots in the Shower?

No, this isn’t the best way to wash your boots. However, @lamontcaldwell says it’s the first step to break in military boots. He tweeted to “jump in the shower in ’em” yesterday evening along with the picture above…. Read More

Hiking Socks

Hiking boots serve as your feet’s first line of defense against the cold. With high-tech insulation and waterproofing, most boots are highly equipped to keep feet on the right track. However, you might want even assurance that your… Read More

By the Numbers: Converse Boots

Long before Converse began cranking out combat boots, the brand became world-famous for its “Chucks.” Nowadays the American shoe company provides much more than a basic black basketball shoe. Here’s a CliffNotes history lesson of more than a… Read More