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Vintage Military Boots

What’s one of the best ways to remember the soldiers who fought before? Picking up a pair of vintage combat boots will certainly do the trick. Boots from another era pours on the nostalgia and forces you to… Read More

7 Ways to Make Your Boots Last Longer, Look Sexier

You love your boots, don’t you? (Well, we certainly do since we run a blog entirely dedicated to them.) So, assuming your adoration runs as deep as ours, you should want to care for them like they were… Read More

How Long Do Military Boots Last?

When you’re throwing down some major dough on a sturdy pair of combat boots, what’s going to be the ROI on those suckers? The major consensus online is that it comes down three things: quality, maintenance and what… Read More

Danner Recrafting

If you’re familiar with Danner boots, you know that they represent top quality materials and legit craftsmanship. Old world craftsmanship. Their boots are the kind of thing that once you have them broken in, you probably won’t want… Read More