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Fun Holster Fact of the Day

Did you know that in Europe many police agencies require holsters where the hood release is an independent device separated from the gun lock? That’s according to Bernard Gould, a holster designer and European sales director for Gould… Read More

Gun Belts

A gun belt, or police duty belt, is a nylon or leather belt worn by police or security officers to carry the equipment they need to do their job. Some of the things officers regularly carry in their… Read More

Safariland Holsters

Safariland is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of laminate gun holsters, belts, and accessories used by law enforcement, military, competition, and sporting goods enthusiasts. More than 70 percent of law enforcement professionals in the United States… Read More

Gun Holsters Basics

The basic function of a holster is to secure and hold a firearm, or another object, in a location where it can be easily accessed. A holster needs to tightly hold onto your firearm, but it also needs… Read More