Did EOTAC Go Out of Business?

April didn’t just bring May flowers this year; it signaled the fall of a key tactical clothing manufacturer. EOTAC appears to have closed its doors. With its website now offline and no goodbye press release, consumers and those in the industry are left befuddled.

Panteao Productions Showcases Firearms Instructors

Former president and founder of EOTAC Fernando Coelho launched Panteao Productions this year. The video production company features top firearms instructors and their techniques.

Woolrich Elite Reveals New Concealed Carry Chinos

The discreet trend continues to take the tactical world by storm. Where is it headed next? At SHOT Show, Woolrich Elite Series Tactical gave us a sampling of what to expect for operators who prefer a more incognito look.

EOTAC, 5.11 Discontinue Tactical Jeans

Have you noticed the dwindling of tactical jeans? We decided to dig a little deeper to find out the real cause of concern. Allow us to inform you just why tactical denim is slowly dying off.

Introducing Magnum’s New RD Pants

Magnum tops the release of all-over MultiCam boots with the launch of a new tactical pant. We run down the specs on the new lightweight RD pants with live footage straight from SHOT Show.

Tactical Pants Fabric Guide

Cotton or blend? Original or lightweight? If choosing the right tactical pant is weighing on you, help is on the way. We’ve created a guide to help you decide which fabric suits your needs.

EOTAC Direct Action Recce Pant

There’s something for everyone in EOTAC’s Direct Action line–even for tactical pants lovers. We take a closer look at a trouser that was a hot seller in 2010 and could prove to be just as sizzling in 2011.

Q&A: Creator of 5.11 Pants Liz Robbins

SWAT teams and FBI agents across the world wear tactical pants. But it wasn’t always that way. The woman who designed the first pair of 5.11 pants shares the untold story of how the world’s most functional trouser came to be.

Tru-Spec’s Tactical Pants Survey

Would’ya like to take a survey? That’s what Tru-Spec is asking public safety professional who wear tactical pants on duty three or more times a week. Do you qualify?

New EOTAC Duty Pants

Everybody’s talking about EOTAC’s latest addition to its tactical trouser line. Find out all about it.