Tactical Talk: EOTAC’s Fernando Coelho

Nobody’s more passionate about perfecting the tactical pant than Fernando Coelho. In 2005, the president and founder of EOTAC set out to introduce a better-fitting, more durable pant to the market. And he did just that — first… Read More

Fashion Police: What Matches Tactical Cargos?

Even members of law enforcement must answer to the fashion police. And you thought you were exempt! Oh no. When we all want to wear our tactical pants seven days a week, things can get a little tricky…. Read More

A-TACS at SHOT Show 2010

We’ve acknowledge the ongoing websession over new camo pattern A-TACS. But, at last week’s SHOT Show when A-TACS, or advanced tactical concealment system, was officially unveiled, the camo clamor reached an all-time high. Eric at Soldier Systems, one… Read More

7 Things to Look for at SHOT Show 2010

The 2010 SHOT Show kicks off tomorrow and will be bursting at the seams with product debuts and, of course, all sorts of gear goodies. For those not familiar with the annual trade show, SHOT stands for Shooting,… Read More

More Than Tactical Clothing: EOTAC Offers Forums and Shooting Clinics

EOTAC has taken decades of real-world experience in military and law enforcement and turned it into one of the leading tactical and discreet merchandise providers in the world. The South Carolina-headquartered company manufactures shirts, pants, shorts, outerwear and… Read More

Camo Clamor: New Patterns for U.S. and Canadian Military?

Positioning itself as a contender for the U.S. Military’s new camouflage pattern, A-TACS (Advanced TActical Concealment System) photographic debut caused quite a stir on the web last week. Seen in the photo on the right, the A-TACS pattern… Read More

EOTAC’s New Vickers Duty Glove

Last month, EOTAC added a hot, new glove to its lineup of tactical gear accessories. The much-anticipated Vickers Duty Gloves were inspired by numerous requests for an altered version of Vickers Mid-Length Combat Glove. Customers wanted to see… Read More