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The Poor Man’s Pocket Holster

There’s nothing really breakthrough about a do-it-yourself holster. You just need some cardboard, leather, a knife, free time, a smidge of artistic talent and … ta dah. But what if you only have one of the ingredients listed… Read More

Gun Holster FAILS of the Month

Every time we mention the words “gun” “holsters” and “fail,” the name Lee Paige instantaneously comes to mind. Is that so wrong? What’s worse is that this month’s two holster FAILS appear to be pretty similar to the… Read More

Bad Idea: Guns at Twitter Events

If you’re thinking about busting out a concealed gun during a Twitter-organized event and not have the world talking about it moments later, think again. That is, unless you’re going to a NRA Tweetup. At a Saturday snowball… Read More

Gun Holster-Related Accidents of the Week

After writing about Lee Paige and his ultimate gun holster FAIL, we were surprised to see such a spike in holster-related accidents in the news this week. The first one comes from Geneva, N.Y., where a man accidentally… Read More

Gun Brings Haunted House Extra Scare

While visiting your favorite haunted house this season, what’s the best way to make yourself look über-cool when a terrifying monster is coming at you with a fake (but equally terrifying) chainsaw? The answer is definitely not what… Read More

Gun Holster FAIL

This oldie-but-goody video of a DEA agent shooting himself in the foot while lecturing about gun safety is a painful reminder of the importance of a good, secure gun holster. In the video, you will see that he… Read More